Cultural mediation

The FIFDH envisions cinema as a tool for mediation, an opportunity to reach out to a variety of audiences. The screening of impactful and creative films offers unique opportunities for interactions with people from many different backgrounds. 

Through cinematic storytelling, discussions and tailor-made workshops, our mediation activities create encounters between different social and cultural environments. These moments allow us to reflect on sensitive and complex issues, inviting us to imagine desirable futures together.

In order to push back social, cultural and generational boundaries, as well as geographical ones, the Festival collaborates with numerous institutions throughout the Canton. Screenings in hospitals and prisons, events in collective accomodation centres, solidary tickets… The FIFDH uses cinema as an educational and integration tool.

Our mediation programmes

Each programme is specially designed for a specific audience:

In hospitals

The FIFDH collaborates with the HUG (Geneva University Hospitals) and the MEA (Children’s and teenagers’ centre) for various activities in hospitals. 

Midi ailleurs

ArtHUG aims to maintain a cultural activity on all the HUG sites. In this regard, the FIFDH is collaborating with the HUG and presenting a film as part of the Midi ailleurs programme. The screening is free and open to everyone: patients, healthcare staff, carers and families, as well as the wider audience.

Artopie jury workshop

The MEA (Children’s and teenagers’ centre) offers comprehensive care for the mental health of children and adolescents, integrating culture into their care. The FIFDH is working with the MEA on an Artopie jury workshop for teenagers from various units. 

The participants form a jury, watch several films in the presence of the directors, protagonists or other professionals. They then deliberate and award the Prix Artopie to the best film. By expressing their point of view and confronting it to that of others, these young members of the jury develop a renewed confidence in their abilities. This workshop is reserved for participants from the units involved and the care teams accompanying them. The Prix Artopie will be announced at the Festival’s closing ceremony.

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In correctional facilities 

In collaboration with the Geneva’s Detention Office, women and men deprived of their liberty in the facilities of La Brenaz and Champ-Dollon are also involved in the Festival. 

They form a jury and attend screenings in the institutions in the presence of guests and award a prize to the best film, which will be announced at the closing ceremony. The workshop also includes writing articles for the institutions’ newspapers about their experiences as members of the jury.

The programme is conceived as a pedagogical workshop to develop attendees’ analytical, listening and public speaking skills. The programme is reserved for participants and staff of the Geneva Detention Office.

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For our younger audiences

The FIFDH welcomes younger audiences, curious to discover and learn about themes that are sometimes difficult to approach. Screenings provide an immersive experience, storytelling and an alternative viewpoint. Films and workshops for children and their families, in partnership with Le grand écran pour les enfants of the Cinémas du Grütli and with the enriched program of the Lanterne Magique are offered during the Festival.

All year round

In the municipalities of Greater Geneva

Throughout the year, the Festival programme is extended through free screenings in partnership with the municipalities of Greater Geneva. By involving residents and local associations, these events aim to highlight the richness and diversity of the Geneva region. They provide an opportunity to get together, view films and discuss human rights issues. They’re convivial, free and open to all!

Join us in Aire-La-Ville, Anières, Avully, Avusy, Bernex, Carouge, Chêne-Bourg, Confignon, Gaillard, Lancy, Meyrin, Onex, Plan-les-Ouates, Presinge, Satigny, Saint-Genis Pouilly, Thônex and Vernier.

With the Hospice général

In collaboration with the Hospice général, and occasionally with local municipalities, the FIFDH organises events for migrants in collective accommodation centres (CHC). These initiatives enable the CHCs to become active players in Geneva’s cultural life, by creating links between migrants and the local population during a convivial event. These screenings are free and open to all!

The Festival also includes CHC residents in its team of volunteers. Residents are supervised by other volunteers and get an insider’s view of the Festival.

Solidary tickets, accessibility and inclusion

The solidary ticket system provides people in precarious situations with access to a screening of the FIFDH. Over 200 tickets are purchased by our partners and made available to people on social assistance through local associations. 

In association with Regards Neufs (an association promoting access to film culture for people with visual or hearing impairments), the FIFDH is offering several screenings with audio description for blind and visually-impaired people, and with subtitles for deaf and hearing-impaired people, followed by discussions translated into sign language.

These screenings help to make the FIFDH accessible to people with visual or hearing disabilities, and to mix audiences by encouraging encounters.

School and educational sessions

Cultural mediation extends to schools during the Festival through the educational programme, and throughout the year in Geneva’s secondary I & II schools. Information about these programmes can be found in the Schools tab.