Take Action

The FIFDH is more than a place for reflection and denunciation of human rights violations, it is a place of action and solutions. The Festival encourages you to contribute to the projects of our main partners, because we have this strong conviction: we are all part of the solution.

Help us reunite families – Caritas Initiative

Fleeing one’s country in search of protection is a dangerous adventure. Violence and exploitation of vulnerable children, women and men are commonplace. Families sometimes have no choice but to separate. Later, family reunification is an exhausting process. Refugees need legal support that can last for years. The Caritas Switzerland Legal Advice Offices help them to reunite with family members from whom they have been separated. Your donation helps reunite families:

This year, Caritas Switzerland co-presents the following event: Switzerland’s asylum procedure in an era of suspicion, Monday 11 March, 19:00

Asien Asia Riverbed

Together for healthy and sustainable food – Helvetas Initiative

Even today, more than 800 million people in the world suffer from hunger and 3 billion have no access to healthy, sustainable food. Helvetas is launching an appeal for support to strengthen its commitment against hunger and malnutrition.

This year, Helvetas co-presents the following event: Feeding humanity and preserving the biosphere, Wednesday 13 March, 19:00

A world where human dignity is respected – OMCT Initiative

Torture is always illegal and absolutely prohibited in all circumstances. Yet, every day countless lives are marred by inhuman and degrading treatment.

Be a force for change – join our efforts to support torture survivors, demand justice and protect human rights defenders. Together, let’s build a world where human dignity is respected and torture has no place, never and nowhere. Your actions today shape our collective future.

This year, OMCT co-presents the following event: Who watches the watchmen?, Saturday 16 March, 14:00

© Amnesty International

Ask Chinese authorities to release Uyghur university student Kamile Wayit – Amnesty International Initiative

Amnesty International is actively involved in raising awareness of the situation in Xinjiang and protecting people. Sign the petition and call on the Chinese authorities to release Kamile Wayit, and urge them to stop the crackdown on dissenting voices and cease targeting individuals for exercising their right to freedom of expression. Kamile Wayit, a Uyghur university student was detained on 12 December 2022 and sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment under the charge of “promoting extremism”.

This year, OMCT co-presents the following event: Spotlight: Xinjiang, the repression camps, Sunday 17 March, 16:30