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Raising awareness of human rights among the younger generation is one of the key missions of the FIFDH. During the Festival or throughout the year, secondary I and II schoolchildren can watch committed films and take part in discussions on human rights issues. Discover our different programmes below!

Schools programme during the Festival

During the Festival, 8 films – 12 screenings – on themes linked to human rights bring together a large number of secondary I and II students.

This is an exceptional opportunity for classes to get to the heart of the Festival, discover committed cinematographic works and share unique moments with the guests‧es.

The 2024 edition welcomed more than 1,000 pupils from Secondary I and II classes to the Cinémas du Grütli for screenings followed by discussions with filmmakers, protagonists, and expert‧es on the themes addressed. The films, some of which were part of the official selection, tackled issues such as ecology, migration, women’s* and LGBTIQ+ rights, artificial intelligence and data protection…

Are you a teacher‧e and would like to bring your class to the 2025 edition?

You can register from January 2025. In the meantime, check out the programme for last year’s event.

Practical information

As part of the partnership with the Service Écoles & Culture of the DIP of the State of Geneva, for classes from schools located in the canton of Geneva, the price per pupil is :

For more information: https: //

For classes from other cantons, the price per pupil is :

For classes from private and/or higher education establishments, the price per pupil is :

An invoice can be provided on request for possible reimbursement by the education department of the canton concerned.

The total amount must be brought in cash on the day of the session. Please collect payment from your students beforehand.

All year round

Outside the Festival, FIFDH films can be viewed in your schools throughout the school year. For one class, the new online platform allows the films to be viewed free of charge and independently. For several classes, we organise aula screenings, followed by discussions with guest speakers.

Schools platform

Starting this year, the Festival is offering a selection of socially committed films on its new Schools platform, accessible to secondary I and II classes. Around twenty films accompanied by ad hoc teaching material (teaching sheet, filmed introduction and thematic discussion) are made available to teachers‧es and students.

Films in the Schools programme from previous editions can be viewed free of charge all year round throughout French-speaking Switzerland. In addition, the FIFDH provides the necessary resources for a classroom screening: the films are accompanied by video interviews with the filmmakers and protagonists as well as a teaching pack.

Are you a teacher‧e who would like to screen a Festival film in your class?

FIFDH in your school

In partnership with the DIP’s Schools & Culture Department, the FIFDH visits schools and offers screenings in aula followed by discussions with speakers‧es. These screenings are free and intended solely for public secondary I & II schools in the canton of Geneva. These screenings are possible with a minimum of a hundred students.

Would you like to organise a screening for several classes in your school? Send your request to



Laila Alonso Huarte
Editorial co-director
Iris Petit
Head of school programme
Agathe Le Vaslot
Cultural mediation manager
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Cultural mediation assistant