About the Impact Days

Impact Days is the FIFDH’s professional programme for filmmakers and NGOs, now in its sixth edition. We select quality documentary projects, work with filmmakers to refine their impact goals, and facilitate partnerships within the vast ecosystem of organisations, policymakers and funders active around International Geneva.

“ My first experience of Impact Days has been exciting, because there are very few places where you have the opportunity to be seated next to someone from the UN, and a filmmaker, and a producer, and have these conversations about ways to advance and improve the conditions of human rights around the world. ”
Jon-Sesrie Goff, Ford Foundation (USA)

Throughout January and February our online and in-person programme includes an Impact Lab for selected film projects and a strategy workshop for NGOs and other international organisations.

In March we welcome a professional public of NGOs, funders and filmmakers to Geneva for three inspiring days of pitches, impact talks and case studies, and curated networking sessions. In a more casual environment the Impact Days cocktails and networking lunches are also a perfect place to meet potential collaborators

Pitching sessions

Selected teams pitch their projects and impact goals to an audience of NGOs, international organisations and impact funders. Distributors, sales agents and other cinema and television professionals are welcome to attend.

Meet your future impact partners

A selection of NGOs and international organizations based in and around Geneva present their priority issues and exchange with filmmakers working on similar topics. Registration required.

One-to-one meetings

Through pre-arranged individual meetings, selected film teams will meet NGOs and foundations who wish to collaborate with or support their impact campaigns. See previously participating organisations here.

Awards and distinctions 2024

To date, selected Impact Days projects have received financial support to a total value of 350,000 Euros. NGOs and international organizations can also be awarded funds in partnership with selected projects.

StoryBoard Impact Strategy Award

CHF 10,000 prize, donated by StoryBoard Collective.
Awarded to one of the 16 selected projects of the Impact Days 2024 programme.

Selection is based on the quality of the impact strategy presented by each project, demonstrated by its feasibility and relevance in the current context of the theme being addressed. Human rights organisations give their feedback on this after one-to-one meetings with the filmmakers; the final decisions rest with the Impact Days team and The Storyboard Collective.

Sublimages Impact Award

Offered by Sublimages.
Translation of the final version of the film and location of subtitles offered in one of these 4 languages: English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
Awarded to one of the 16 selected projects of the Impact Days 2024 program.

Impact Days activities are open to filmmakers, impact producers, NGOs and other international organisations, philanthropists and the media.

Project submissions for the 2025 Impact Days will open in September 2024.