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Xinjiang, the repression camps


Sunday 17 March – 16h30
Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre
Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Geneva

Since 2017, around a million people may have been arbitrarily detained as a result of China's repression of Uyghurs and other minorities. How can the international community put an end to these crimes?

Under the pretence of fighting terrorism, Muslim minorities are the victims of targeted oppression in Xinjiang. Overwhelming evidence of mass detentions, forced labour and persecution has been documented by the United Nations. The harrowing testimonies of survivors of Chinese “re-education camps” highlight this extensive State brutality.

Yet Western companies benefit from the forced labour of Uyghurs, demonstrating economic complicity. In view of these serious violations of human rights, what can the international community do to put an end to these abuses and guarantee the protection of the fundamental rights of these people? The need for a collective and resolute response to put pressure on China clashes with the major geopolitical issues at stake.

Partnership – FIFDH and Amnesty International encourage you to release Uyghur university student Kamile Wayit: Sign the petition

Co-presented with Amnesty International

Sarah Brooks
China Director, Amnesty International
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Abduweli Ayup
Uyghur linguist and poet
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David Novack
Director of "All Static & Noise"
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Jewher Ilham
(in videoconference) Author and Uyghur human rights activist
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Pierre Haski
Geopolitical columnist, France Inter and ex-China correspondent, Libération
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By David Novack

All Static & Noise

Jewher, a teenage Uyghur girl from China with limited knowledge of English, lands in the United States after being violently separated from her father at Beijing airport while he was being detained. Abduweli, a linguist and poet who was imprisoned and tortured for teaching the Uyghur language to six-year-olds, travelled to Istanbul after his release. The testimonies and efforts of survivors of China’s network of ‘re-education camps’ and their families, in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Europe and the United States, instil All Static & Noise with a sense of urgency that exposes the massive brutality of state oppression in Western China. Together, these voices highlight the moral dilemma between risking the safety of families back home by speaking out and the need to expose atrocities in the hope that global awareness will lead to change. Each voice brings us closer to one of the most glaring human rights disasters of our time. All Static & Noise asks difficult questions and pays tribute to those who are prepared to speak out.

Swiss Premiere
Section : Documentaries - Out of Competition
Country : United States
Original languages : Uyghur, Chinese, English
Subtitles : English, French
David Novack
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David Novack
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