Voies Libres

Originally a personal story, an intimate journey indissociable from a manifestly political commitment... they are directors, sometimes in spite of themselves. Their flesh and their consciousness are marked by a memory that is not theirs alone and that resonates in a singular way in each of us. Voies Libres explores how projecting one's own voice can contribute to questioning and opening new collective paths.

Voies Libres is a podcast produced by RTS Genève Vision and the FIFDH.
Interviews and direction: Laura Cazador


Episode 1 • Prune Nourry

Realised by Genève Vision, around the movie Serendipity

Prune Nourry discovers in 2019 that she is suffering from breast cancer. The French artist, based in New York, decides to confront the disease with a camera. The result is the documentary Serendipity: from this confrontation with the disease, an artistic project was born.

The intimate and the universal, her work and her illness, intertwine to sing a hymn to life, before the song of victory.


Episode 2 • Rachel M'Bon

Realised by Genève Vision, around the movie Je suis noires

Je suis noires, with a deliberate and determined s. This is how Rachel M'Bon titles her film, which is being presented at the FIFDH. The journalist and activist went to meet black women in Switzerland, gathering their experiences, attentive to what they live on a daily basis, in a country that is said and believed to be tolerant.

It is not so obvious. The film was painful at times," she says, "but also cathartic, and political, as society is not ready to accept vulnerability. Rachel M'Bon hopes that the film will help create new black narratives.


Episode 3 • Carole Filiu

Realised by Genève Vision, around the movie Ne nous racontez plus d'histoires

Carole Filiu, the Franco-Algerian war in two

Carole Filiu, the daughter of a black foot, loves a man whose family was close to the FLN and whose several members were assassinated. Together, they go in search of the past in order to deconstruct the clichés and official frameworks that they grew up with. Ne nous racontez plus d'histoires, they conclude.


Episode 4 • Anaïs Taracena

Realised by Genève Vision, around the movie The Silence of the Mole

Anaïs Taracena, the search for memory in Guatemala

In the documentary The Silence of the Mole, Anaïs Taracena, a French-Guatemalan, traces the fragmented history of one of the bloodiest civil wars in Central America, the memory of which she carries within her. Faced with non-existent or inaccessible archives, she searches for this silent past through testimonies.


Episode 5 • Aïssa Maïga

Realised by Genève Vision, around the movie Above water

French director and actress Aïssa Maïga tells how she got behind the camera to tackle issues that resonated with her, such as racism, feminism and climate change in Africa, in Above water. She also talks about the political heritage passed on by her father, a pan-Africanist close to Thomas Sankara.


Episode 6 • Claire Doyon

Realised by Genève Vision, around the movie Penelope, my Love

In Penelope, my Love, French director Claire Doyon recounts her daughter's autism and draws a self-portrait of a mother ready to do anything to "save" her offspring. For twenty years, she has accumulated family images that she reappropriates in an artistic and introspective gesture.