Spotlight on the posters of the 22nd edition of the FIFDH

The Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) unveils the posters of its 2024 edition (March 8-17): a photographic triptych crafted by the Quebecois artist Benoit Paillé. This artistic creation throws a three-toned spotlight on the interplay between the human, the world, territories and the environment through the lenses of art and commitment.

To capture the essence of its 22nd edition, FIFDH – in collaboration with Studio BAD – showcases three photographs creating a mosaic of narratives and human stories set against a backdrop of surrealistic colours. Drawn from a series captured in Latin America by photographer Benoit Paillé, these photographs spotlight the intricate relationship between humans and their surroundings, along with their connection to the environment.

For the Quebecois artist, the ordinary invokes the extraordinary: unexpected encounters inspire him to create images on which he focuses his gaze through framing and the use of colored flashes. Thus, Benoit Paillé brings our attention to the unexpected and the invisible, echoing the awareness that FIFDH aspires to foster in its upcoming edition regarding the relationships and interactions between humans and their environment in a world that, at times, seems to be on the verge of collapse.

These photographs place the human being at the center, feet anchored in the ground, in a stance of resistance. This resistance becomes particularly crucial in the midst of numerous crises that intertwine in increasingly interconnected ways, necessitating collectively conceived solutions.” Laura Longobardi and Laila Alonso Huarte, editorial co-directors of FIFDH, emphasize that “These photos align with the programme’s objectives and the Festival’s dedication to multiplying perspectives, asking questions, and fostering ideas based on the diverse insights offered by guests.”

Overview of the 2024 edition of FIFDH

For its 2024 edition, FIFDH will delve into the relationship between humans, living beings, and the environment. This exploration includes a focus on current geopolitical and climatic upheavals. To tackle these issues and provide meaningful insights, the Festival will feature notable public figures: journalist and activist Rokhaya Diallo (Kiffe ta race, podcast since 2018) will have carte blanche on the theme of climate debt; Vipulan Puvaneswaran (Autonomies animales, 2023), a young author, ecological activist, and protagonist in Cyril Dion’s film Animal will initiate a collective reflection on our connection with living beings; anti-racist activist and author Assa Traoré (Lettre à Adama, 2017), whose brother Adama tragically died in 2016 after being apprehended by the police, will share her insights on police brutality and systemic racism; and the Guardian‘s environmental journalist George Monbiot (Regenesis, 2023) will discuss how to feed the world without devouring the planet.

The documentary The Hearing by Lisa Gerig will shed light on the asylum system in Switzerland. This film, which was part of last year’s FIFDH’s Impact Days professional programme, comes with an impact campaign designed to raise awareness among the public and political-administrative spheres regarding the realities of the asylum procedure. Selected for this year’s creative documentary competition, The Hearing will be the focal point of a discussion featuring the involvement of two protagonists. Additionally, it will be showcased as part of the Festival’s schools programme.

The Hearing by Lisa Gerig

Our program is out on Thursday February 15!