Preceded by the film Tax Wars

Re-enchanting hope facing global challenges


Sunday 17 March – 17h00
Espace Pitoëff - Grande Salle
Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Geneva

The world is facing global challenges: climate emergency, social and economic inequalities, and war. Solutions exist, so why is this urgent transformation so difficult ? Four contemporary thinkers are invited to discuss new perspectives.

Faced with such vital issues for the whole of humanity, individual or collective inaction is unthinkable. It would also be irresponsible, because there are solutions for building a fair and sustainable world. So it is time to act.

For its closing discussion, the FIFDH is inviting four contemporary thinkers who, from cooperation to the building of new coalitions, from reflection on the uncertainty of our human condition to thoughts on hope, shed light on new ways of achieving this much-needed and urgent transformation of our world.

Co-presented with Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung

Hege Dehli
Director of "Tax Wars"
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Eva Wuchold
Programme Director Social Rights for Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung


Jayati Ghosh
Development economist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and star of "Tax Wars"
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Bernard E. Harcourt
Human rights lawyer and professor, Columbia University
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Geoff Mann
Economist and professor, Simon Fraser University
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Corine Pelluchon
Professor of Philosophy and Applied Ethics at Gustave Eiffel University
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Marie-Laure Salles
Sociologist and Director of the Geneva Graduate Institute
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French, english

By Hege Dehli and Xavier Harel

Tax Wars

It is estimated that US$ 600 billion in tax revenue are lost each year due to tax abuses by multinational companies and wealthy individuals. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shed an unprecedented light on the harsh realities of growing income inequality in a globalised economy. Economists and politicians such as Joseph Stiglitz, Eva Joly, Thomas Piketty and Jayati Ghosh are demanding that multinationals pay their taxes. By following their struggle and exploring possible avenues for recovering hidden wealth, Tax Wars sheds light on the underlying mechanisms and trends in the fight for global tax justice.

International Premiere
Section : Competition - Focus
Country : Norway, France
Original languages : English, French, Spanish
Subtitles : English, French
Hege Dehli
Xavier Harel
Hege Dehli
Fabrice Esteve
Mechanix Film
YUZU Productions
Lamia Oualalou
Hege Dehli
Xavier Harel
Patrik Säfström
Olivier Raffet
Talib Rasmussen
Serge Turquier
Sjur Miljeteig
Peder Kjellsby
Malika Makouf Rasmussen
Anna Nilsson
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