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BRICS: the world upside down


Tuesday 12 March – 18h30
Graduate Institute - IHEID
Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, Geneva

The death knell of Western dominance has tolled. With three-quarters of humanity outside the Western world, we find ourselves in a tense interregnum. The old international order is crumbling, and a new order is emerging with as yet unclear contours.

The rise of the Global South and the expansion of the BRICS are challenges to a system of Western norms and values undermined by its own contradictions. Democratic advocates of this swing see in it the promise of more inclusive global governance. But in an unpredictable geopolitical environment, this transformation is also high-risk.

This redrawing of the world is taking place in an increasingly merciless confrontation between the great powers. Could it lead to a weakening of liberal values, in particular fundamental human rights?

Co-presented with The Geneva Observer and The Geneva Graduate Institute

Achim Wennmann
Director for strategic partnership, Geneva Graduate Institute

Philippe Mottaz
Founder of the Geneva Observer
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Aminata Dramane Traoré
Former minister of Mali and writer
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Aude Darnal
Research Analyst at the “Stimson Center” a thinktank in Washington
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Andrea E. Ostheimer
Director of Multilateral Dialogue in Geneva, KAS Foundation

João Amorim
Director of "Tropical Utopia"
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Celso Amorim
Special adviser on International Affairs to President Lula
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Jamil Chade
Journalist at The Geneva Observer

French, english

By João Amorim

Tropical Utopia

Utopia Tropical

Tropical Utopia is a documentary that provokes reflection on the political, social and economic issues that have shaped Latin America. João Amorim directs Noam Chomsky and Celso Amorim, a Brazilian diplomat, as they tell us the story of the proposed civilisation and independence of Latin America, and in particular Brazil. Both protagonists and observers of almost a century of history, Chomsky and Amorim shed light on key events of this period and seek to envision a fairer and more diverse Latin America.

Swiss Premiere
Section : Documentaries - Out of Competition
Country : Brazil
Original languages : Portuguese, English
Subtitle : English
João Amorim
Sara Rocha
Vanessa Medrado
Lucas Arake
João Amorim
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Matheus Bastos
Elder Miranda Junior
Tainá Menezes
Filipe Rasta
Gabriel Pinheiro
Victor Nogueira
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