Join the discussion with Angela Davis and Assa Traoré on Saturday March 16 at 16:00 CET

The discussion “Who watches the watchmen?” (sold-out) around police violence and systemic racism will be broadcasted live on this page, on the FIFDH YouTube Channel and the FIFDH Instagram account.

Systemic racism in Europe and the United States has a direct impact on the daily lives of racialised people. From racial profiling to police violence that can lead to death, police institutions are often denounced and yet rarely condemned. In theory, peacekeepers are supposed to ensure our safety. Does this mean that the use of legitimate force is fair? How can we ensure that those who injure or kill are held to account? Is a police-free society possible?

This event will welcome:

Angela Davis
Writer, professor of philosophy and human rights activist

Assa Traoré
Anti-racist activist, Truth and Justice Committee for Adama

Yasser Louati
Protagonist of the film The Flag and Human Rights activist

This discussion will be moderated by Nesrine Slaoui, journalist, writer and documentary film-maker