Round table: “Délits mineurs”, by Nicole Borgeat

Wednesday 6 September 2023
18:00 - 20:00
Fonderie Kugler
Rue de la Truite 4 bis, 1205 Geneva

Alva Film and RTS have produced a series about a trio of heroines – a judge at the Geneva Juvenile Court, a specialist educator and a police inspector – who come face to face with young people in distress who are navigating difficult situations around a murder investigation.

How do you take an issue like juvenile justice and transpose it into a fictional series, without betraying the different systems? What are the key stages of research and verification required to create a coherent script? What were the guidelines and methods used to achieve this?

Laila Alonso Huarte, co-editorial director of the FIFDH, will look back over the 4 years it took to create “Délits Mineurs” with Nicole Borgeat (director and co-writer), Jacqueline Surchat (co-writer), Olivier Boillat (judge at the Geneva Juvenile Court), Britta Rindelaub (producer Alva Film) and Izabela Rieben (editorial producer RTS).

From the initial idea to the way in which such a script is approached, the research and construction of the network needed to verify it, putting different models of justice into perspective through the characters, directing the filming with a cast made up of several young people and the role of RTS in supporting Swiss audiovisual creation.

“Délits mineurs” is an RTS series co-written by Nicole Borgeat and Jacqueline Surchat, and directed by Nicole Borgeat.

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A first round table will take place on Thursday August 31, same time, same place.

In collaboration with RTS