DRC: Will Change Come From The Youth?

How can Congolese people and in particular the Congolese youth regain influence within politics without foreign interference and with a fair distribution of the country’s immense wealth?

Today, the Congolese people strive for democratic renewal. Among them, the young generation is the most hopeful; some of them have only known war. In the East, most LUCHA activists were born in the early 1990s, at a time when their region fell into a deadly conflict. As adults, they fight to maintain whatever peace remains in their country, convinced that it is the only path to build a democracy. What are the possibilities for emancipation and what role can peaceful youth movements play? Marlène Rabaud's film Congo Lucha tells of the commitment of these young activists, sometimes at the risk of their lives. This panel is also a tribute to Luc Nkulala, an LUCHA activist who was killed in 2018.

The debate will be held in French with simultaneous English translation.

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Thursday 14 March


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Co-presented with the TRIAL International, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, TV5Monde and the Délégation Genève Ville Solidaire


Fred Bauma Leading Member of the Congolese pro-democracy group LUCHA

Sonia Rolley Journalist, Radio France Internationale


Marlène Rabaud Film Director

Moderated by

André Crettenand Director of Information at TV5MONDE

Competition - Grand reportage

Congo Lucha

by Marlène Rabaud

LUCHA is a grassroots movement made up of young Congolese men and women who campaign, through non-violent actions and at the risk of their own lives, for a new future: a peaceful democratic country in which wealth is shared fairly. Documentary filmmaker Marlène Rabaud filmed for over two years in Goma, in the eastern part of the country. The film is a vibrant tribute to the courage and determination of these citizens, who fight President Kabila's efforts to oppose democratic processes.
  • Section: Competition - Grand reportage
  • Original language: French & Swahili
  • Subtitles: English

AfricaJusticeGrassroots movements


Marlène Rabaud


Arnaud Zajtman

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