Climate crisis and action on your screens

Raise your students’ environmental awareness: the must-see films on climate change and activism on the Schools platform.

Environmental and climate issues have consumed a large space in public consciousness. Given this importance, such topics are essential and highly relevant in academic contexts and form an integral part of the curriculum in French-speaking Switzerland. The FIFDH positions itself as a crucial tool as a great tool in tackling these issues among students, particularly in providing them with a better understanding of the various ecological challenges facing us. We encourage you to explore the captivating films available on our Schools platform, specifically designed for teachers in French-speaking Switzerland.

Over the years, we have selected a number of films that will enable you to initiate fascinating discussions and raise your students’ awareness of crucial issues.

Below is an overview of some of the films:

Film Amazonia

Amazonia, voyage en terres indigènes by Anaïs Bajeux (2017): A breathtaking journey to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, uncovering its rich biodiversity and the lifestyles of the indigenous peoples who protect it.

Film Green Warriors

Vert de rage, Indonésie, le fleuve victime de la mode by Martin Boudot (2017): An investigation into the environmental impact of the textile industry in Indonesia, highlighting the challenges faced by activists fighting to preserve local rivers and ecosystems.

Film main basse sur l'eau

Main basse sur l’eau by Jérôme Fritel (2019): Explore the issues surrounding access to water around the world, a precious resource that is increasingly coveted and commodified.

Film Greta

Génération Greta by Johan Boulanger and Simon Kessler (2020): Follow the journey of young activists around the world involved in the fight for the climate.

L’étincelle (The Spark) by Valeria Mazzucchi and Antoine Harari (2021): A film about citizen mobilisation in the Notre-Dame-des-Landes Zone à Défendre (ZAD).

Each of these films tackles specific aspects of environmental and climate issues, offering a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these crucial questions. We warmly invite you to consult the Schools platform to access these films, integrate them into your school curricula and stimulate constructive discussions in the classroom. 

Education is a powerful driver of change, and through these films we can inspire and prepare the next generation to shape a more sustainable future.