New online catalogue for NGOs and philanthropists

Impact documentaries never die! With time, they multiply collaborations and amplify their actions. Reserved for professionals and designed for NGOs, international organisations and impact funders, our new online catalogue features films, completed or in production, from all six editions of Impact Days.

L6 projets 2024 Impact Days

Since their initial participation at Impact Days, our selected film projects have advanced in their production status and impact strategies. Many have won prizes at international festivals and benefited from this visibility to form new impact collaborations. Meanwhile, NGOs, international organisations and funders are increasingly on the lookout for pertinent, high calibre documentaries to support their advocacy, training and awareness-raising activities.

Through targeted partnerships, documentary films can engage new audiences and help to create meaningful change at policy level or on the ground.

Search by theme and geography in our new online catalogue to find your future impact partners! Please contact us if you’d like more information on a particular film.