Impact Update: Hidden Letters

Since its participation at Impact Days 2023, Hidden Letters has been acclaimed at a number of high-profile festivals. The film has already collaborated with key organisations around the world. Today, it is expanding its impact campaign by collaborating with WILPF.

Throughout history, women, ethnic and racial minorities, and LGBTQIA+ individuals have created secret languages, defying oppressors, and exchanging ideas in the shadows.

As part of the UN’s annual international campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence”, WILPF – the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – and the Hidden Letters project are joining forces to uncover forgotten traditions, explore the power of the arts, and share untold stories. Together, they draw strength from the profound legacy of Nushu—a clandestine script meticulously fashioned by Chinese women to navigate the confines of oppressive marriages. Their mission is to not only amplify these concealed voices but also to set ablaze the flames of change through the transformative power of art, notably through their hidden gallery.

Join their campaign, Unleash the Hidden Voices – A Legacy of Resilient Languages, as they explore the intricate tapestry of hidden languages, challenge oppressive structures, and embrace the boundless potential of artistic expression. This is a campaign that celebrates the courage to speak up, the power of solidarity, and the enduring legacy of voices that refuse to be silenced.