Where to see FIFDH24 films?

Many of the films presented during the 22nd edition of the FIFDH can be seen in Swiss cinemas or at home.

In movie theaters in Switzerland

Il reste encore demain
de Paola Cortellesi

Paola Cortellesi

There’s Still Tomorrow (C’è ancora domani)

Delia is Ivano’s wife and mother of three children in Rome in the 1940s. Wife and mother: these are the roles that define her, and for her, that is enough. A blend of drama, comedy and musical, this unique film celebrates the road to emancipation of women.

Now in cinemas and this summer at the Cinemas du Grütli, Geneva!

Trois personnes discutent dans une salle, il s'agit d'une audition de demande d'asile en Suisse.

Lisa Gerig

L’Audition (The Hearing)

Four asylum seekers relive their asylum hearings with the authorities. What happens when your future depends on your ability to tell your own story convincingly?

To be seen at the Locarno Film Festival (7-17 August, 2024) in the Panorama Suisse section.

Le repli
de Joseph Paris

Joseph Paris

Le repli

Between the restriction of freedoms, the curtailing of the right to demonstrate, police violence, Islamophobia and systemic racism, Le repli examines the phenomenon of identity withdrawal in France.

In theaters in October.

Online movies

Green Border 
d’Agnieszka Holland

Agnieszka Holland

Green Border

In the forests that make up the “green border” between Belarus and Poland, refugees attempting to reach the European Union are trapped in a geopolitical crisis. This new film by the renowned filmmaker Agnieszka Holland questions our very consciences.

Available in VOD on

Edward Lovelace

Name Me Lawand – Geneva Grand Prize

Lawand, a 6-year-old Kurdish boy, deaf from birth, is trying to adapt to his new environment in Derby, in the United Kingdom. He is learning to communicate in sign language, after a traumatic year spent on the road to exile.

Free on Play RTS until 28.08.24.

Tax Wars
d’Hege Dehli et Xavier Harel

Hege Dehli and Xavier Harel

Tax Wars

Tax abuses by multinational companies are commonplace, and inequalities are growing in a globalised economy. Tax Wars takes us behind the scenes of a global effort for tax justice.

Watch free on Play RTS until 21.07.24.