News transforms itself: new website

For the general public, professionals and schools: the FIFDH launches three platforms offering unique content on human rights.

(c) My Name is Baghdad, Caru Alves de Souza

Here we are! After months of conceptualization and development, we are delighted to present the new FIFDH website! Designed to be accessible and useful to all our audiences, this website brings together three resource platforms on cinema and human rights, each specially thought out for its own audience: general public, professionals and teachers. Discover the new features and relive the Festival’s greatest moments! a platform with resources and media to strengthen the voice and struggle of human rights defenders

Dince its creation in 2003, FIFDH has played a unique role as an international hub for human rights. Numerous activists, politicians and artists have taken part in the Festival, including whistleblower Chelsea Manning, activist Pablo Servigne, author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and artist Ai Weiwei. The Festival is also the voice of human rights defenders around the world. These moments, captured through video, audio and written content, are now available to the general public on an open-access platform. The creation of this space enables users to identify – by subject, region or format – the resources and materials created by FIFDH over the years. a multimedia library of films and educational resources to raise awareness of human rights issues

FIFDH is developing a digital collection of films and resources which will be available throughout the year. This educational media library offers teachers – at secondary level I and II – free online access to a selection of films, adapted to school grades, age of the students and topics covered in the school curriculum. FIFDH also develops tailor-made teaching material, produced in collaboration with subject experts which facilitates viewer’s comprehension of the subjects explored in the selected film. This selection, expanded each year with new films and content, enables students and their teachers to tackle human rights issues at their own pace throughout the year. a catalogue of films to provide new advocacy and campaign tools for professionals, filmmakers and NGOs

A documentary can become a tool for social change. Through its Impact Days programme, FIFDH unites filmmakers and NGOs to transform socially conscious filmmaking into a tool for promoting human rights. This is achieved by encouraging filmmakers and producers to develop powerful impact campaigns around their films, in order to reach key players and bring about lasting change in the concerned populations. Since its inception, Impact Days has supported around a hundred documentaries, with a total of 16 film projects selected each year. FIFDH is now making these films and campaigns more visible through an online catalogue, categorised by subject, geographical region, and stage of production. an increasingly inclusive Festival

These new platforms are part of the FIFDH’s ambition to be ever more inclusive. The website uses tools specially adapted to improve its navigability and accessibility: varying the font size, changing the display contrast, or accessing alternative text for images. The Festival is further enhancing the user experience by structuring its content and programmes under three separate tabs, each identifiable by a distinct colour code.

The overhaul of the website and its three new platforms were made possible thanks to the work of Daisybell (development), Studio BAD (design), and to the transformation fund sponsored by the Office cantonal de la culture et du sport (OCCS) of the State of Geneva.