After the success of Paroles d’activistes, the FIFDH declines the format and dives into the universe of 5 films presented in this edition. In Paroles de cinéastes, 7 filmmakers talk about their approach, commitment, and hopes for their work's impact. Can cinema change the world ?


Gessica Généus
Director of Freda
Nabil Ayouch
Director of Casablanca Beats
Rahul Jain
Director of Invisible Demons
Juan Lozano and Zoltan Horvath
Directors of Red Jungle
Rachel M’Bon and Juliana Fanjul
Directors of Je suis noires
Rachel M’Bon and Juliana Fanjul
Directors of Je suis noires


Creative documentary

Conversation with Dieudo Hamadi

Director of Downstream to Kinshasa

Conversation with Anabel Rodríguez Ríos

Director of Once Upon a Time in Venezuela

Conversation with Eefje Blankevoort & Els van Driel

Directors of Shadow Game

Conversation with Alina Gorlova

Director of This Rain will Never Stop

Conversation with Franz Böhm

Director of Dear Future Children

Grands reportages

Conversation with Asia Dér & Sári Haragonics

Directors of Her Mothers

Conversation with Diana Neille & Richard Poplak

Directors of Influence

Conversation with Eric Guéret

Director of Vieillir enfermés

Conversation with Matteo Born & Françoise Weilhammer

Directors of Pandémie, la révolte des citoyens contre l'Etat

Conversation with Daniel Lombroso

Director of White Noise

Conversation with Stéphane Goël

Director of De la cuisine au Parlement


Conversation with Ansgar Frerich

Producer of Veins of the world

Conversation with Rana Kazkaz & Anas Khalaf

Directors of The translator

Conversation with Azra Deniz Okyay

Director of Ghosts

Conversation with Caru Alves de Souza

Director of My Name is Baghdad

Conversation with Aurel

Director of Josep

Conversation Nora Martirosyan

Director of Should The Wind Drop

Special screenings

Conversation with Andy Cohen & Gaylen Ross

Directors of Beijing Spring

Conversation with Frederike Migom

Director of Binti

Conversation with Gabriel Tejedor & Antoine Harari

Directors of Marchands de sommeil

Conversation with Juliana Fanjul

Director of Radio Silence

Conversation with Alain Lewkowicz

Director of Taïwan, une démocratie à l'ombre de la Chine

Conversation with Nathalie Berger & Leo David Hyde

Director of Call Me Intern