Preceded by the film Searching for Nika

Towards ethics of coexistence: rethinking relationship with other species


Sunday 10 March – 15h00
Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre
Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Geneva

The anthropocentric perspective, placing humans at the top of the natural hierarchy, results in intensive resource exploitation and neglect of biodiversity. Let's dare to step aside and question the pretended human superiority over other species.

The ecological crisis is forcing us to look at our relationship with the environment: how can we organise a festival that focuses on human rights without looking at our relationship with living beings, particularly animal species? In the face of uncertainty and disequilibrium, we need to find ways of politicising and reinvigorating our relationship with life. We urgently need to take a step to one side to deconstruct our beliefs and lifestyles, and question the notion of human superiority over other species.

Co-presented with

Jérôme De Hemptinne
Lawyer and professor of international humanitarian law
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Vipulan Puvaneswaran
Environmental et animal activist
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Kaoutar Harchi
Sociologist and author
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Léna Mauger
Editor-in-Chief, Kometa
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French, english

By Stanislav Kapralov

Searching for Nika

When Russian forces invade Ukraine, director Stas Kapralov’s family dog, Nika, goes missing. Determined to find her, Stas travels through a country ravaged by war and discovers the reality of volunteers who risk everything to save abandoned animals. His personal quest turns into a humanitarian mission, and he takes part in the rescue of a blind lion and the evacuation of animals in the midst of bombardments. Throughout his journey, he gathers testimonies of bravery and solidarity. A film that reminds us of the collateral damage to other living species caused by conflicts, never taken into account or recorded in official accounts.

European Premiere
Section : Competition - Focus
Country : Spain, Ukraine, United States
Original languages : Ukrainian, Russian, English
Subtitles : English, French
Stanislav Kapralov
Yan Fisher
Taras Stadnikov
Roger Corbi
Inner Gravity Pictures
Danyl Dedkov
Lev Kostenko
Oleg Hiienko
Jordi Muñoz Salló
Danyl Dedkov
Ricardo Curto