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Freedom or toil: breaking down the notion of work


Friday 15 March – 20h30
Espace Pitoëff - Grande Salle
Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Geneva

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, inequalities between the rich and the poor have continued to grow, while the issue of physical and mental health at work has gained prominence in the public eye. Should we advocate for a right to remain idle?

The forced cessation of part of our activities during the Covid-19 pandemic has opened up discussions on our relationship with the workplace. Work and its role in our lives has become a preoccupation: many people want to rethink their work-life balance.

The contemporary capitalist model is marked by paltry wages, job insecurity and growing inequalities between the financial resources of the richest and least wealthy people in every society. This reality is accompanied by a recent awareness of the harmful consequences of certain activities on our physical but also mental health.

How can we transform our production methods and our lifestyles? Should we make work attractive, put ethics back at the heart of every profession, or demand the right to a basic minimum wage?


Apolena Rychlíková
Director of "Limits of Europe"
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Maria Mexi
Senior Advisor on Labor and Social Policy and ILO Consultant
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Philippe Poutou
French trade unionist and politician
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Saša Uhlova
Journalist and protagonist of "Limits of Europe"
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Hadrien Klent
Writer and author of "Paresse pour tous" ("Laziness for all").
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Laurence Difélix
Journalist and radio producer, RTS
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French, english

By Apolena Rychlíková

Limits of Europe

Limits of Europe features Saša Uhlová and her journey through the world of European employment. Using a hidden camera, Saša puts herself in the shoes of workers from the Eastern Europe who migrate to the West to earn a living. She tells us about her despondency and exhaustion as she travels from country to country and from job to job, walking a fine line between precarity and exploitation. Who better to reflect on the inequalities in the European workplace than those who have experienced it first-hand?

Swiss Premiere
Section : Competition - Focus
Country : France, Czech Republic
Original languages : Czech, English, Slovak, French
Subtitles : English, French
Apolena Rychlíková
Tereza Horská
Vít Klusák
Filip Remunda
Peter Kerekes
Olga Prud’homme-Farges
Joël Farges
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Kolam Productions
Jan Šípek
Kateřina Vrbová Krutská
Jonatan Pastirčák
Martin Kuhn
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