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Artificial intelligence: a stake in feminist battles


Thursday 14 March – 19h30
Espace Pitoëff - Grande Salle
Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Geneva

The rapid expansion of A.I. in our daily lives brings about major challenges, such as deepfakes. These manipulated videos, often featuring explicit content, primarily target women. With no legal framework in place, what can be done to protect victims ?

Digitalisation, algorithms and artificial intelligence are now an integral part of our daily lives. However, scientific progress, which is far more rapid than social progress, means that we need to pause for a moment and consider the appropriate regulation of our technological tools. Current aberrations, such as deepfakes, pose a serious challenge. These tools can be used to generate falsified videos, from political speeches to music videos, 95% of which are pornographic, mainly featuring women. As well as being objectified, victims are exposed to cyber-harassment, thereby exposing them to an unacceptable level of vulnerability. Given the legal vacuum surrounding deepfakes, what can be done to curb the practice and protect victims?

Co-presented with the RTS and the University of Geneva

Claire Balleys
Sociologist, Director of Medialab (UNIGE)
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Sophie Compton
Director of "Another Body"
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Sophie Maddocks
(by videoconference) Cyber rights and online abuse researcher, Pennsylvania University
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Elvire Duvelle-Charles
Journalist, filmmaker, author and feminist activist
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Margot Delévaux
Journalist and presenter, RTS
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French, english

By Reuben Hamlyn and Sophie Compton

Another Body

Another Body tells the story of Taylor, an American student who is a victim of deepfake. She recounts how, one day, she discovered that her face was being used in pornographic content. As she searches for the author of these videos, she becomes immersed in the world of deepfakes and discovers how technology is used to harm and oppress women. More than simply shedding light on the excesses of artificial intelligence, the film allows Taylor to tell her story and reclaim her identity.

Swiss Premiere
Section : Competition - Focus
Country : United Kingdom, United States
Original language : English
Subtitle : French
Reuben Hamlyn
Sophie Compton
Elizabeth Woodward
Sophie Compton
Reuben Hamlyn
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Reuben Hamlyn
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Sophie Compton
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