Total Trust – The World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) Award


Sunday 17 March – 19h15
Focus Competition
Grütli - Salle Langlois
Rue du Général-Dufour 16, 1204 Geneva

The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) Prize is awarded to the film: Total Trust by Jialing Zhang

This prize is granted by the OMCT jury, given to a filmmaker whose work exemplifies their dedication to human rights, to support the development of their upcoming film project.

“Unveiling what appears to be a real-life Orwellian 1984 scenario, the documentary vividly portrays the persecution of Chinese human rights defenders and exposes the use of cutting-edge state surveillance technology tools to tightly control the lives of millions of people. This disconcerting image of rising authoritarianism prompts an important question: “Is a future controlled by technology, where we are no longer free to exercise our rights, a real risk for us all?” The prohibition of torture is what allows individuals to shape their personality and views, and establish their dignity, which is the very essence of being human.”

Total Trust follows the daily lives of activists who are watched and oppressed by the Chinese government through the use of technology, artificial intelligence and human rights.