Speed debating – The impact of sanctions on human rights


Wednesday 13 March – 18h30
Espace Pitoëff - Café du Festival
Rue de Carouge 52, 1205 Geneva

Foraus joins FIFDH in exploring the impact of international sanctions on human rights. Take part in this event and discuss these crucial issues in an open and constructive debate format: speed debating.

International sanctions, controversial diplomatic tools, are divisive as to their effectiveness and impact on human rights. As a means of putting pressure on states to bring about a change of policy or regime, their often-indiscriminate impact on populations generates debate and opposition. Restricting civilians’ access to basic foodstuffs and medicines can constitute an infringement of their fundamental rights.

A central question persists: do these measures work, or do they have the effect of radicalising the targeted regimes? With states such as Russia, Israel and Iran at the heart of the debate, international sanctions remain at the intersection of geopolitical, economic and human issues.

This event is organised by foraus

Marco Sassoli
Professor of Public International Law at the University of Geneva
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Maddalena Zaglio
Doctoral student at the Arabic Unit and assistant at the Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva

French, english