Photophobia – Documentary Youth Jury Award


Sunday 17 March – 14h00
Creative Documentary Competition
Grütli - Salle Langlois
Rue du Général-Dufour 16, 1204 Geneva

The Youth Documentary Jury Prize is awarded to the film: Photophobia by Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčik

This prize is offered by Peace Brigades International (PBI). The jury is comprised of Alba Amos, Audrey Bado, Xochitl Bechade, Lucia Choffat, Tristan Engel, and Vincent Schmocker.

“A film distinguished by its refined and poetic aesthetic.It tactfully balances subtlety, delicacy, and humor, yet remains poignant in its portrayal of the harsh realities of war. The film illuminates a broader humanitarian issue that extends beyond the political landscape of the conflict in Ukraine, focusing on the story of Nikita, a child trapped along with numerous others in the depths of a subway station mere kilometers from the front lines.”

Under the glare of neon lights, Photophobia takes a child’s eye view of the daily lives of the many people confined to underground stations in Ukraine. A unique portrait of hope and confusion of a childhood in wartime.