Awards 2023

Discover the award winners of the 21st edition of the FIFDH !

Creative Documentary Competition

The International Creative Documentary Jury is composed of Anna Glogowski, Delphine Kemneloum Djiraibé, Dominique De Rivaz and Luciano Barisone.

Grand Geneva Award

Aurora’s Sunrise d’Inna Sahakyan

Grant of CHF 10’000, offered by the City of Geneva.

Aurora’s Sunrise by Inna Sahakyan

“ The reconstitution of memories through a mise en scène that combines the strength of testi- mony, images from a film that was thought to be lost and the use of watercolour animation that carries the weight of tragic events. A cinematographic work that aims to prevent the Armenian genocide from being forgotten. ”

Gilda Vieira de Mello Award in honour of her son Sergio Vieira de Mello

Colette et Justin d’Alain Kassanda

Grant of CHF 5’000, offered by the Barbara Hendricks Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation, awarded by the International Jury.

Colette et Justin by Alain Kassanda

“ A politically engaged film based on the archives of the oppressor, which reveals the tumultuous history of colonisation and a false independence. An intimate dialogue that reveals truths that can form the basis of a peace and reconciliation process. ”

Special mention of the Jury

Seven Winters in Tehran by Steffi Niederzoll

“ The film takes us through the maze of arbitrary justice, culminating in the hanging of an innocent woman and the total denial of freedom of speech for women. ”

Youth Jury Prize – Documentary

Grant of CHF 1’000, offered by Peace Brigades International (PBI). The Jury is composed of Miranda De Thorpe Engler, Anton Jakob, Hossain Jan Noori, Matteo Renda, Lucien Tripet and Yuna Vifian.

My Name is Happy by Ayşe Toprak & Nick Read

“ This film stirred up great emotions with its strong, universal and essential message: the fight against violence towards women. Its images and its story moved us. The structure of the film, which alternates between shots of very different types but remarkably well edited, allows us to experience, as closely as possible, the incredible twists and turns that this family experiences. ”

Fiction Competition

Fiction Grand Award

Grant of CHF 10’000, offered by the Hélène and Victor Barbour Foundation, awarded by the International Jury, composed of Jean-Pierre Greff, Kaltrina Krasniqi, Thierry Oppikofer and Toni Kamau.

Beyond the Wall by Vahid Jalilvand

“ The virtuosity of the editing of the shots and sequences, articulating different spaces and time- frames, imaginary or real, heightens the message of the film, which combines a powerful protest against the arbitrary violence of a tyrannical regime and the exaltation of human dignity. The jury salutes the refinement and efficiency of the direction, the subtlety and audacity of the director’s aesthetic choices and the flawless acting. A true cinematic masterpiece. ”

Youth Jury Prize – Fiction

Grant of CHF 1’000, offered by the Fondation Eduki. The Jury is composed of Diego Delgado, Loïsia Hernandez, Caïque Interlandi, Antoine Miermon, Emélie Van Engen and Milena Watzlawick.

A Room of My Own by Ioseb « Soso » Bliadze

“ The honest and remarkable performances of the two main actresses as well as its mise-en- scène in close proximity to the protagonists have succeeded in immersing us in this intimate and true story. In our opinion, the film’s message of emancipation is particularly resonant in this era of « wokism ». This film is another reminder that through reflection and enlightenment it is possible to escape from conservative traditions and societies. The film offers a perfectly controlled mix of credibility and humour. ”

Focus Competition

Prize of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT)

Grant of CHF 5’000, awarded by the OMCT Jury, awarded to a filmmaker, whose film demonstrates a commitment to human rights, to support the writing of their next film.

Etilaat Roz by Abbas Rezaie

“ This documentary shows the bravery of journalists confronting the Taliban. It reminds us that every day, men and women are fighting for human rights in Afghanistan. We must not forget them. ”

Impact Days Competition

Storyboard Impact Award

Grant of CHF 10,000, offered by the StoryBoard Collective’s Impact Fund. Aims to build impact media production capabilities through strategic partnerships and direct grants.

My Name is Happy by Ayşe Toprak and Nick Read

“ The inspirational story of young singing sensation Mutlu Kaya as she makes a remarkable journey from gunshot victim in an attempted femicide to fearless survivor. As she struggles to regain her voice, she campaigns for women’s rights in Turkey and further afield. ”

Docs Up Fund Award

Grant of €1’500, to support an impact campaign and provide consulting services for the entire editing phase of the film.

Scarlet Girls by Paula Cury

“ A lyrical documentary in which women of all ages speak about the challenges and consequences of illegal abortion in the Dominican Republic. ”

Sublimages Impact Award

Translation and subtitling of a film from the selection, offered by Sublimages, in order to reach a target audience identified in its impact strategy.

Land of Women by Aymar El Amir and Nada Riyadh

“ The film follows a group of energetic and humorous young Coptic women who rebel against their society’s norms by forming an all-female street theatre troupe. ”

Cultural Action Competition

Artopie Award

The Artopie Jury, composed of young adolescents from different units of the HUG

Je suis Noires by Juliana Fanjul and Rachel M’Bon

“ We award the Artopie prize to the film Je suis Noires, because it champions a current and intergenerational theme that is known to all but not sufficiently discussed, especially in Geneva and within Switzerland. ”