Un jour ça ira, by Edouard et Stan Zambeaux

Sunday 3 September 2023
17:00 - 20:00
Centre d'hébergement collectif de la Seymaz
Chemin du Petit-Bel-Air 4, 1226 Thônex

Djibi and Ange, two homeless teenagers, arrive at the Archipelago, an emergency shelter in the heart of Paris. There they face bad winds, headwinds, but they are relentlessly searching for the breath of air that will take them elsewhere. And it is with writing and singing that they take flight… and carry us away. A dive into the heart of the Archipelago, a centre that offers an innovative way of welcoming homeless families.

France, 2018, 72′, ov fr

17h00: Open-air screening of the film
18h30: Round-table discussion with co-director Stan Zambeaux and Djibi, the film’s protagonist
19h00: Friendly aperitif

Free open-air screening, followed by a round-table discussion with co-director Stan Zambeaux and Djibi, the film’s protagonist. An aperitif will round off the evening.

In partnership with the commune of Thônex, the Hospice Général and the centre d’hébergement collectif (CHC) de la Seymaz.