Interdit aux chiens et aux Italiens, by Alain Ughetto

Tuesday 7 May
Maison Vaudagne
Av. de Vaudagne 16, 1217 Meyrin

It is a work of intimate memory that is carried out by Alain Ughetto as he dives into family testimonies recalling the life of is grandparents Luigi and Cesira. Told by the latter and modelled by the director, the crossing of the Alps by this Italian working class family echoes the experience of many migrants in Europe. Ughetto pays tribute to the manual skills and transalpine identity passed down by his grandfather and shaped by the many historical upheavals of the time. His story is that of hundreds of thousands of Italians who left their homeland to settle in France, Switzerland, Belgium and many other countries.

France, Italy, Switzerland, 2022, 70′, vo fr & it, st fr

Admission free (no booking needed), followed by an aperitif.

In partnership with the commune de Meyrin, Maison Vaudagne and with the support of the Barbour Foundation.