Impact Days - Programme 2022

March 7-8, 2022


Laura Longobardi, Head of Impact and Industry, FIFDH


Letter to Tomorrow: The Cultural Imperative

Too often, in the work of achieving justice, it is hard to see beyond the immediate crisis. We are overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation and the urgency of 'now'. We are paralysed by the forces arrayed against social progress. When faced with urgent human rights challenges, the intellect leads with problem and solution, while the dynamism of the imagination, the motivating power of the heart, often lies dormant. But as the Design Studio for Social Intervention notes: "culture is the policy of the irrational". And creative strategies that address cultural power demand our attention and expertise. This is part of IRIS's mission, the International Resource for Impact & Storytelling.

Speaker: Cara Mertes, Founding Director, IRIS, International Resource for Impact & Storytelling.


Winner of the Impact Award at the Impact Day 2020, where the two filmmakers have met several strategic partners for their campaign, the film has since been selected and awarded prizes at some of the most prestigious Festivals worldwide, including the Geneva Grand Prix at the FIFDH 2021. Following the desperate journey of children fleeing their countries along the Balkan route, the two filmmakers have developed and implemented an ambitious campaign with the aim to change the protection policy for minor refugees at the European borders. In this session, they will show their approach, how they successfully worked with NGOs and some of the results of their actions.

Speakers: Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel, Co-Directors, Shadow Game.


Selected at this edition of the FIFDH within the Creative Documentary section, The Last Shelter has an active team working on its impact campaign, collaborating with several NGOs both in Europe and the Sahel region. In this session, some stakeholders will describe the vision behind the campaign, its goals and how they manage to put it in place.


  • Ousmane Samassekou, Film Director, The Last Shelter,
  • Giulia Boccato, Impact Producer,
  • Khadidja Benouataf, Impact Producer,
  • Fabrice Boulé, Media Relations Suisse romande, Caritas Switzerland

Meet your future impact partners! A selection of NGOs and international organisations based in and around Geneva present their priority issues and exchange with filmmakers interested in similar themes.

Confirmed so far: MSF, FIDH, Aide et Action, ICRC, Caritas, Civicus, FIACAT, Helvetas, Forum Asia, Iamaneh, ISHR, IUCN, Earth Justice, Trial International, SOS Méditerranée, UNHCR, WILPF, WEF Global Shapers and WEF Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Industry and Day Pass holders must register for this session by writing to us at Please tell us what themes you are interested in or working on and give us your questions so we can communicate them in advance.

If it's a game, it's one of the most dangerous. Every day, teenagers flee war-torn countries, attempting to cross European borders, searching for a better future. Hostile nature, fences or armed guards - every step they take towards their final destination might also prove a step towards death— a stunning coming-of-age film where lives are consumed on the clandestine roads to a fortress continent.


No Fire Zone: the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

Callum Macrae's film No Fire Zone: the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, premiered at the FIFDH and the Human Rights Council in March 2013, remains a case study on how a single film, and the campaign that it carried with it, has concretely changed a position of the international community towards human rights violations of a National government. The Director and the Impact producer who shouldered the campaign tell about this unique journey.

Speaker: Callum Macrae, Film Director


Impact production and distribution: how to best work together to strengthen each other?

Filmmakers wishing to organise impact screenings with NGOs to ensure the impact of their films often need to negotiate special clauses with distributors and platforms to make sure they have the right to do so. Sometimes these negotiations are not easy as distributors fear these screenings can endanger their revenue potential. In this session, Impact producers, Producers and Distributors will raise some of the most problematic issues and discuss how to best work hand in hand to maximise each film's revenues and impact potential.


Impact and youngsters: how to best reach the younger audiences with impact campaigns?

Impact production is about bringing the right content in front of the right audiences so that things can change for the better. But each audience has different consumption habits. How to reach the youngest via social media or targeted platforms? This panel will explore the role of platforms and social media in impact-tailored distribution and how to produce content specifically for these media.

Are you a filmmaker looking for the right impact producer to run your campaign? Are you an impact producer looking for the next project you'd love to be involved with? Here's where you'll find your perfect match. A networking session to match filmmakers and impact producers to find the best team to run a successful campaign!

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31 October 2021

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