Irène Challand
Programme Director and Co-Director General
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Rachel Gerber
Operational Director and Co-Director General
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Daphné Rozat
Head of Documentary programming
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Jasmin Basic
Head of Fiction programming
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Laila Alonso
Head of Cultural action
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Maurine Mercier
Debate programmer
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Gaetan Vannay
Debate programmer
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Juliette Bousquet
Debates Coordinator
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Laura Longobardi
Head of Impact and Industry
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Ana Castañosa
Deputy Head of Impact Days 
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Luisa Ballin
Head of Threatened activists protection programme

Documentary selection consultants: Anne Pictet, Jacqueline Coté, Xavier Colin, Juan José Lozano and Olivier Paul

Fiction selection consultants: Natacha Seweryn and Delly Shirazi



Florence Lacroix
Director of Communication
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Manon Voland
Digital Communication Manager
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Iris Petit
Video production Manager & Digital com. Assistant
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Géraldine Piguet-Reisser
Head of PR & Partnerships
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Mélinda Quadir-Mathieu
Administration Officer
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Maude Katz
Production Manager
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