Where to see the films of the 2022 FIFDH?

Many films from the FIFDH 20th edition are available in the movie theaters and online. Overview.


Luzzu by Alex Camilleri

Jesmark's difficulties are mounting, with his fishing boat taking on water and his baby needing expensive medical care. How can an artisan survive when faced with European regulations and dwindling resources? In his debut film, Alex Camilleri pays tribute to Italian neo-realism and gives a voice to those oft-forgotten thanks to a remarkable non-professional cast.

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107 Mothers by Peter Kerekes

Leysa is convicted of the murder of her husband. She gives birth to her son in a prison for young mothers and is allowed to stay with him for three years before they are separated, until the end of her sentence. This extraordinarily sensitive film shifts between fiction and documentary: Leysa is played by an actress, but the other characters are real guards and prisoners in the Odessa prison where this deeply moving film was shot.

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My Sunny Maad by Michaela Pavlàtovà

Herra, a young Czech woman, decides to leave everything behind to marry Nazir, whom she met at university. Married in Kabul, Afghanistan, she witnesses and participates in the upheavals her new family goes through after the fall of the Taliban. Herra's daily life is suddenly shaken by the arrival of Maad, an unusual orphan who will become her son... Michaela Pavlatova has crafted a magnificent animated film that won an award at the Annecy Festival.

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Hit the Road
by Panah Panahi

A wildly endearing family drives through the mountains of northern Iran on a journey filled with pop songs, bickering and laughter. The tension becomes palpable as the miles go by: this journey has a particular goal. A true Cannes sensation, Panah Panahi's debut film shifts between suspense, humour, love and poetry through sumptuous natural settings. He demonstrates extraordinary mastery of dramatic tension. A filmmaker is born. 

Special Mention of the Youth Jury 2022

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Red Jungle by Juan José Lozano & Zoltán Horváth

Colombia, March 2008. In the jungle, the oldest communist guerrilla in the world is living its last moments. Raul Reyes, the FARC's second in command, is killed in a bombing. He leaves behind an unprecedented document: 10 years of correspondence with all the conflict's leading players, bearing witness to a fierce struggle. In mixed animation, Red Jungle immerses us in the intimate and political story of a man, but also of a revolutionary utopia that dreamed of changing the world before collapsing.

French-speaking Switzerland cinema release: summer 2022

Creative documentaries

A Night of Knowing Nothing
by Payal Kapadia

An award-winner in Cannes and Toronto, this debut film is a revelation and a cinematic gem. From her revolt in the face of rising extremism in India, young filmmaker Payal Kapadia weaves her web, a diary of poems, testimonies and stories against a backdrop of love letters. Edited on black and white images, this virtuosic collage, a tribute to the new wave and to justice, will undoubtedly prove a landmark ode to Indian youth and its freedom. 

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Grands reportages

Made to Measure by Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck & Cosima Terrasse

Can a person be recreated alone based on their search history? Five years of a woman's life have been excavated to create a composite portrait, subsequently played by an actress. The original is then presented to its double. Part experiment, part cross-media project, part documentary, Made to Measure is a dizzying project about the surrender of our private lives, directed by the filmmakers behind The Cleaners (FIFDH 2018). 
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Tout commence by Frédéric Choffat

"The temperature rose. The birds fell silent. The children demonstrated. And suddenly the whole world stopped. The sky turned blue again." Based on interviews with his two teenage and activist children, Frédéric Choffat offers an intimate reflection on a Swiss youth caught between a climate crisis and a pandemic, but who continue to believe and despite it all stay active. Can we still imagine a world that will inspire our dreams?

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The Earth is Blue as an Orange by Iryna Tsilyk

An explosion far away. Anna and her four children live in the war zone of Donbass, Ukraine. Their shared project: to make a film about what they have experienced and about their daily life in this destroyed city. They turn the living room into a studio and asked the soldiers to sit in front of the camera. The result is a moving documentary about life on the margins of peace and security.  

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La Finance lave plus vert by Matteo Born & Romain Girard

Since autumn 2019, a green wave has been sweeping across Europe. The climate issues raised by Greta Thunberg and the thousands of protesters are bringing a new, younger, female generation to power, promising to shake up the climate-sceptic old guard. A wind of change anticipated by banks and public institutions, who for some years now have been shifting to “sustainable finance”. Following the financial crisis and repeated tax scandals, an opportunity to improve its image has presented itself for the banking sector.

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Writing With Fire

by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh, produced by Sushmit Ghosh (Black Ticket Film, India)

Armed with smartphones, Chief Reporter Meera leads India's only newspaper run by Dalit women. Together they break traditions, be it on the frontlines of India's most significant issues or within their homes, redefining what it means to be powerful.

The film was selected this year at the Impact Days, the Industry programme of the FIFDH, is to be discovered on filmingo!

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