Tribute to Evdokia Romanova

The 17th FIFDH is dedicated to Evdokia Romanova, who defends the rights of LGBTI+ people in Russia.

Born in 1990, Evdokia Romanova is a member of the Avers movement, which defends the rights of LGBTI+ people in Russia and offers them assistance. She also collaborates with the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, the Frida Feminist Foundation, and the anti-racist group United. She was fined in 2017 for “homosexual propaganda” by the court of Samara, where she resides, after sharing two articles from the Guardian and Buzzfeed on Facebook.

Despite numerous threats and intimidation, she is currently appealing this decision, and is supported by Amnesty International. Next April, she will receive the Martine Anstett 2019 Prize, of which the FIFDH is a partner. The Festival dedicates its 17th edition to her.