The FIFDH unveils the visual identity of its 21st edition

Between dream and reality, cinema and human rights come together

The FIFDH unveils the poster for its 21st edition. The outcome of a new collaboration with Studio BAD, this series of cinematographically-inspired posters evokes three important themes of this edition: environment, migration and conflict. From 10 to 19 March, around forty films and thirty debates and events will be presented in Geneva. The complete program will be revealed on February 14! 

First glimpses of the 2023 programme

From Ukraine to Iran passing by Somalia, the social, political and military conflicts that are shaking the world will be discussed.

The urgency of global warming will be discussed with the director and environmental activist Cyril Dion and the scientist Julia Steinberger, as well as during a meeting with the Indian ecofeminist Vandana Shiva.

The presence of the Franco-Iranian actress and director Mina Kavani will allow us to shed light on the situation in Iran. The Kurdish singer and activist Mutlu Kaya and the journalist Victoire Tuaillon will honor us with their presence to testify and discuss feminicide and violence against women.

We will address the issue of information processing with the writer Giuliano Da Empoli (Le mage du Kremlin). Finally, we will receive the author Bertrand Badie (Le temps des humiliés. Pathologie des relations internationales) who will enlighten us on the place of humiliation in international relations.

"During this edition of the Festival, we wish to question the notion of human rights in their current context: the climate emergency, the migratory crises, with the walls that are being built literally, as well as figuratively in Europe or elsewhere, as well as the wars and conflicts in the world." Irène Challand, Program Director of the FIFDH

Art and performance at the FIFDH 2023

This year, we are joining forces with the MAMCO for an exceptional meeting around the work of Ali Cherri, Lebanese artist and filmmaker, who will also present his latest film, Le Barrage, in its Swiss premiere at the Festival.

The FIFDH is opening up the borders of artistic practices and generations by inviting the artist François Burland as part of the Kids Guernica art project, initiated in Japan in 1995 and developed in over 40 countries. Inspired by Pablo Picasso's Guernica, these monumental works are created by children. The FIFDH opens the Swiss part of the project which will be realized by young migrants welcomed by the association AMIC who will represent their ideas of peace. Come and discover the realization of the work in real time at the heart of the Festival (Maison Communale de Plainpalais), from March 10 to 19. Opening: Thursday March 16 at 7:30 pm.

« Decolonize the narrative » - 5th edition of Impact Days

If you are an author, filmmaker, producer, journalist or actor in international Geneva, this professional program is for you. In 2023, Impact Days will initiate a reflection on the decolonization of the narrative and will aim to give a voice to the people who know and embody the issues best. How can we promote impact cinema carried by the protagonists themselves and/or by involving them fully in the creative process? The answer begins on Thursday, January 19, with the first part of the Impact Days program, a webinar dedicated to social justice.

Become a volunteer!

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The FIFDH is about films, debates, guests, but also about beautiful encounters, relaxing around a drink after the events, and always a lot of emotions with motivated volunteers. Thanks to your volunteer badge, you have free access to most of the screenings, and with each mission, you receive credits to eat and drink during the Festival!

The whole team is looking forward to seeing you from March 10 to 19 for the 21st edition of the FIFDH!