Tahani Abass receives the Prize Martine Anstett

A journalist, lawyer and women's rights campaigner in Sudan, Tahani Abass received the Prize Martine Anstett at the FIFDH.

Tahani Abass is a journalist, lawyer and women's rights campaigner in Sudan. She is involved in the investigation of human rights violations with a specific focus on sexual violence, and coordinates support for women victims through several civil society organisations, including No to Women's Oppression. She also leads reconciliation initiatives and advocacy campaigns. Through her work, she has been able to highlight cases such as that of Noura Hussein, who was sentenced to death before her punishment was reduced to 5 years in prison. Currently, Tahani Abass is working with women victims of rape committed during the bloody repression of 3 June 2019 in Sudan.

The 2020 Prize of Human Rights Martine Anstett, of which the FIFDH is a partner, was awarded to Tahani Abass on Sunday 8 March on the Festival's stage.


Watch the ceremony: