Shadow Game: behind the film, a reality

The journey of the young protagonists of "Shadow Game" does not end at the end of the film. Find out more and get involved.

The film Shadow Game, winner of the Grand Geneva Award and Youth Jury Award at the FIFDH 2021, follows the journey of young migrants who try to reach Europe. What they find along the way are closed borders, violent police and unimaginable conditions. But this does not mean that they lose hope in seeking a better future.

The story of these young people does not end with the film. Their journey continues and the two co-directors Eefje Blankevoort and Els Van Driel accompany them. They have launched a website to follow the journey of the young protagonists of the film, including with several short films.

Do you want to continue following the destinies of Mustafa, SK, Jano & Shiro, Durrab, Mohammed and the others? Do you want to get involved in the cause of young unaccompanied migrants? Go to :


Eefje Blankevoort and Els Van Driel also want to support these young people in their endeavours and enable other family members to join them. They have therefore decided to donate the CHF 11,000 of the two prizes won at the FIFDH to the Monocle Productions Foundation, which aims to support the rights of migrant children. Find out more and make your contribution: