"Révoltes", 34 contributions to extend the 2020 edition of the FIFDH

Artists, activists and thinkers invited by the Festival contribute to an exceptional publication.

Throughout this year, the FIFDH strives to keep culture, cinema and activism alive despite the pandemic. We are doing so today through an exceptional publication: Révoltes. A collective creation imagined by 34 artists, activists and thinkers in order to perpetuate the 2020 edition of the Festival.

Those who were to participate in March in the 18th edition of the FIFDH are helping us to keep our eyes wide open and above all to never lose hope. With the complicity of Revue XXI, we publish today 34 free and undisciplined contributions around the central theme of the 18th edition of the Festival: revolts.

Discover now these texts, drawings or photos signed by Barbara Hendricks, Pablo Servigne, Abigail Disney, Joe Sacco or Rony Brauman :

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