Prize list of the 20th edition of the FIFDH

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The International Jury of the Creative Documentary Competition was presided by Rithy Panh, with Monika BorgmannEythar GubaraCallum Macrae and Chuu Wai Nyein.

Grand Prize of Geneva

CHF 10'000 - Offered by the City and State of Geneva

After a Revolution
by Giovanni Buccomino


After a Revolutionby Giovanni Buccomino is an uncompromising portrait of two courageous people who, in the chaos of post-war Libya, refuse to give up the fight for justice.

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Gilda Vieira de Mello Prize in tribute to her son Sergio Vieira de Mello

Offered by the Barbara Hendricks Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation (Prize CHF 7'000) and awarded by the International Jury, Prize ex aequo.

Angels of Sinjar
by Hanna Polak


Angels of Sinjar by Hanna Polak is a heartbreaking cry for justice. An expose of a terrible crime against humanity : it is the horror of a forgotten genocide and of a people who are denied all their rights, but also their strength and their courage.

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El silencio del topo
by Anaïs Taracena

El silencio del topo by Anaïs Taracena is a clarion call for an end to the ongoing culture of impunity affecting Guatemala – precondition for peace and reconciliation throughout the world.

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Youth Jury Prize

CHF 1000 - Offered by Peace Brigades International (PBI). The Youth Jury of the Creative Documentary Competition was composed of Jean Coutau, Allegra Dolfi, Rebecca Haldimann, Sirine In-Albon, Mathis Kohler and Tibor Savoldelli.

Invisible Demons
by Rahul Jain

Invisible Demons by Rahul Jain reminds us that the consequences of global warming are not a hypothetical danger, but a daily reality for millions of people.

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Grand Reportage Competition

Prize of OMCT

Offered by the World Organization Against Torture (Prize CHF 5,000) and awarded by OMCT's Jury - Awarded to a filmmaker whose film demonstrates his/her commitment to human rights, to support the writing of his/her next film.

White Torture
by Narges Mohammadi

White Tortureby Narges Mohammadi. Solitary confinement and other forms of psychological torture may not leave any physical scars, but they are equally efficient at profoundly damaging the women and men who have endured them. Narges Mohammadi is again being held in Evin prison.

Narges Mohammadi is again being held in Evin prison.

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Special Mention to "Ne nous racontez plus d’histoires !"
by Ferhat Mouhali & Carole Filiu-Mouhali

Additionally, a special mention goes to Ne nous racontez plus d’histoires for its deeply moving and insightful description of the selective amnesia towards the Algerian war that is still widespread, 60 years on, both in France and Algeria.

Fiction Competition

Grand Prize Fiction

CHF 10’000 - Offered by the Hélène and Victor Barbour Foundation. The International Fiction and Human Rights Jury was presided by Shahrbanoo Sadat, with Elene Naveriani, Julien Neutres and Thierry Oppikofer.

The Jury decided to award the prize ex aequo to two films : Vera Dreams of the Seaby Kaltrina Krasniqi, and Fredaby Gessica Généus. The authenticity of these works which portray the situation of unique families and women in Kosovo and Haiti respectively, was deeply convincing to the jury members. Inspired by the two directors' own experiences, the courage and resilience of these characters give hope for a better world for all those who fight for justice, equality and peace.

Youth Jury Prize - Fiction

Offered by the Eduki Foundation (Prize CHF 1'000). The Jury was Clément De Castelberg, Lilou Lo Greco, Mai-Ly Nguyen, Sarah Othenin-Girard, Ael Robel and Maïa Vandelli Chmouliovsky.

Vera Dreams of the Sea
by Kaltrina Krasniqi

This film - Vera Dreams of the Sea, which fills many human rights checkmarks, is a journey into the unknown of the Balkan landscape. We follow the story through a strong woman, breaking free from the chains of patriarchy through her strength of character and independence and being forced to make choices in a corrupt society. A feature film mastered in its editing and its rhythm where each scene fits together. Its subtlety allows for reflection on a wide range of themes. Finally, we wish to highlight the magnificent balance between aestheticism and realism.

Special Mention to "Hit The Road"
by Panah Panahi

We have chosen to give a special mention to Panah Panahi's Hit The Road. The story is very touching in its approach to the original and intimate theme and the authenticity of its characters and the strength of the emotions they convey. The omnipresence of humour, which at first sight seems to have the role of lightening the subject, in reality, veils a much deeper evil. Finally, it would be difficult not to mention the poetry of the photography, which particularly impressed us.

Impact Days Prize

Awarded EUR 15,000 in strategic advice for an impact campaign, offered by Impact Days and Think Film Impact Production.

Peace For Nina
by Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych

Produced by Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych, Lyuba Knorozok and Dea Gjinovci

The film tells the story of a Ukrainian woman tirelessly campaigning on behalf of her dead son and the countless other victims of the undeclared war that Russia waged on Ukraine for the past seven years. As Nina begins to come to terms with the loss of her son, she resolves to collect evidence of his murder and pursues her lone crusade to bring this war crime to the attention of Ukrainian and international courts.


Translation and subtitling of a film in the selection, with the aim of reaching a target audience identified in its impact strategy. Offered by Sublimages.

From Cold War to Green war
by Anna Recalde Miranda

Produced by Hernan Mazzeo, Ilaria Malagutti and Sergio Ayala

The film aims to demonstrate how the legacy of dictatorships in Latin America continues to have a devastating effect today.

Artopie Prize

The Artopie Jury, composed of young teenagers from the Day Hospital (HUG), the Malatavie Crisis Unit and the Salève, awarded their prize to Dear Future Children by Franz Böhm.

Dear Future Children
by Franz Böhm

We award the Artopie prize to the film Dear Future Children because it struck us as much by its subject as by its direction. We were immersed in the action and were able to share the characters' points of view. We also found it important to denounce police violence.