Let us set course for FIFDH 2021

We need exchange, emulation and interaction. The FIFDH 2021 will be this meeting place, even if it is only virtual.

- December 2020 -

The 19th edition of the FIFDH will take place from 5 to 14 March 2021, exactly one year after the start of the pandemic. Since then, many people have suffered, seeing their daily lives disrupted and their living conditions worsen. Should the difficulties continue however, the many burts of solidarity that have multiplied give us hope.
Throughout this tormented period, you, the public, partners and friends of the FIFDH, have supported us unfailingly, and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We would also like to announce that despite this difficult context, especially for the world of culture, we are drawing up an ambitious programme for next March.
In terms of human rights, the situation is bleak. The measures taken to block the progression of the virus have undermined individual liberties. The closing of borders and the deterioration of the economy have favoured the rise of inequalities. Some regimes have used the coronavirus to muzzle their citizens and silence their opponents. Meanwhile, humanitarian dramas are played out in absolute silence.
For this reason, the FIFDH will not renounce its mission: we stand resolutely on the side of human rights defenders who are fighting, often at the risk of their lives. On the one hand, because our convictions and the Festival's raison d'être are at stake. On the other hand, because this role has never been so indispensable. We do not abandon those who trust us to relay their message of life and death.

To enlighten the possibilities of a world that is reinventing itself

In March 2020, the FIFDH was one of the first major international events to reinvent itself online. But in 2021, we will need emulation, exchanges and direct interaction. We will need to be together.

This is why we have chosen to become a festival in the flesh again, welcoming you to our venues. Of course, depending on the context, this edition will prove a mosaic of events that may be adapted, if necessary, to a very small audience. And so that you might discover everything, we will be offering a myriad of films and numerous debates in completely redesigned formats, in new locations throughout Geneva!

Betting on the public’s physical presence also expresses our unshakeable faith that cinema, culture and humanitarian commitment will survive the anti-Covid measures. This 19th edition will also express our enthusiasm: to invite to Geneva those who shape tomorrow's world and defend human rights, social justice, courage, indiscipline as well as a resistant cinema that inspires our dreams.

  • Edit January 2021: Following the latest developments in the health situation, the FIFDH is rethinking itself in a format adapted to the circumstances.
Join the Friends of the FIFDH

If you support this project, why not join the Friends of the FIFDH, or offer a membership to your friends and family for the festive season?

In view of the situation, this year we are not offering you the usual membership formulas, but a free amount, starting at 50 francs. Of course, as soon as this is possible again, we will once again offer, throughout the year, tickets and screenings at cinemas, theatres and museums, as well as an exclusive event!