Discover the poster and the first guests of the 2021 FIFDH!

The festival will take place in March within the constraints of the health context.

As you can imagine, organising a festival in the current period is no easy task. Our pleasure is therefore all the greater to announce it to you: the FIFDH will be held from 5 to 14 March, notwithstanding the pandemic and in a format adapted to the circumstances. To give you a first glimpse of it, we offer you to discover the poster and the first guests of this 19th edition.

Based on an image by American photographer Jack Howard, the 2021 FIFDH poster intrigues. An arrow hits a balloon and this explodes in myriads of lights: this powerful image tells the story of a bursting world whose certainties are punctured into a profound fragility. It also evokes new energies that are being released and new imaginaries in the making. Indeed, this edition of FIFDH intends to question and highlight the many new forms of collective commitment and creation that are emerging everywhere.


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How will the Festival take place? Given the evolution of the pandemic, we had to consider all scenarios, including a potential cancellation. Indeed, the aim of the Festival is first and foremost to allow the public, activists and filmmakers to meet and debate in the flesh. However, cancelling would have meant abdicating and contravening the values defended by the Festival: at a time when individual freedoms are receding, the emphasis of human rights is fundamental.

While it is obviously difficult to predict the situation which will prevail in March, we are working relentlessly to create an ambitious programme that will adapt to whichever healthcare measures will exist at that moment. If circumstances prevent us from meeting in person, we will engage in other ways of being together; we will imagine digital, sound or written channels to make the activists' voices resonate and carry high the colors of politically engaged cinema.

We can thus reveal the first guests of this edition: Swiss Federal Councillor Alain Berset will discuss the measures taken to contain the pandemic in the light of fundamental freedoms. Angela Davis, icon of the civil rights movement, and Barbara Hendricks, singer and FIFDH patron, will return to the subject of racism in the United States. Filmmaker and activist Ai Weiwei will present Coronation, a stunning documentary film shot clandestinely in Wuhan, China, in the midst of the first months of the pandemic.

Discover the full programme of the 2021 FIFDH on Tuesday 23 February!