25 projects selected for the FIFDH Impact Day 2020

The Impact Day brings together filmmakers, NGOs and funders with a goal: use documentary films as a tool for social change.

25 documentary feature films, most of them in production and post-production stage, have been selected to participate in the second edition of the Impact Day (9-10 March). The Impact Day will bring together filmmakers, NGOs and funders with a goal: use documentary films as a tool for social and cultural change.

The selected projects are the following:

  • A Thousand Girls Like Me – Directed by Sahra Mani. Produced by Les Films du Tambour de Soie (France) and Afghanistan Doc House (Afghanistan).
  • Awalatje - The Midwives – Directed by Sarah Noa Bozenhardt. Produced by Evolution Film (Germany).
  • Bigger Than Us – Directed by Flore Vasseur. Produced by Elzévir Films (France).
  • Blue Island – Directed by Tze Woon Chan. Produced by Peter Yan (Hong Kong SAR).
  • Camera Kids – Directed by Beth Murphy. Produced by GroundTruth Films (USA).
  • Climate Exodus – Directed by David Baute. Produced by Tinglado Film (Spain).
  • Do Good – Directed by Leo David Hyde and Nathalie Berger. Produced by Reportage (Switzerland).  
  • Empire Of Silence – Directed by Thierry Michell. Produced by Les Films de la Passerelle (Belgium), Temps Noir (France) and Fruitmarket (Germany).
  • H is For Harry – Directed by Jamie Taylor et Ed Owls Produced by Mercurial Pictures (United Kingdom).
  • Holy Shit – Directed by Rubén Abruña. Produced by Thurn Film (Germany) and Peacock Film (Switzerland).
  • Isis Widows – Directed by Alba Sotorra. Produced by Alba Sotorra (Spain).
  • Lift Like A Girl – Directed by Mayye Zayed. Produced by Rufy’s Films (Egypt) and Jyoti Film (Germany).
  • Powerhouse – Directed by Juerg Neuenschwander and Razia Quadir. Produced by Container TV AG (Switzerland) and Dharitri Media & Communication (Bangladesh).
  • Reyna – Directed by Jean-Cosme Delaloye. Produced by Bord Cadre Films (Switzerland), JCDe Productions (USA) and La Mayor Films (Uruguay).
  • Sarura - The Future is an Unknown Place – Directed by Nicola Zambelli. Produced by SMK Videofactory (Italy).
  • Shadow GameDirected by Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel. Produced by Prospektor (The Netherlands) and Witfilm (The Netherlands).
  • SoftieDirected by Sam Soko. Produced by LBx Africa (Kenya), We Are Not The Machine (Kenya) and Eyesteelfilm (Canada).
  • Stayers – Directed by  Julia Dahr and Julie Lunde Lillesæter. Produced by Differ Media (Norway).
  • The End Of Truth ? – Directed by Alice Tommasini. Produced by Le Talee srl (Italy).
  • The Freed Delivery – Directed by Thomas Grandremy. Produced by Mil Sabords (France).
  • The Letter – Directed by Maia Lekow and Christopher King. Produced by Circle & Square Productions (Kenya).
  • The Radical – Directed by Richard Finn Gregory. Produced by Good Work Pictures (South Africa) and Witfilm (The Netherlands).
  • The Transition – Directed by Gayane Petrosyan. Produced Baikal Cinema (Russia) and Roast Beef Productions (United Kingdom).
  • The Witnesses From The Shadows – Directed by Ousmane Samassekou. Produced by Les Films Du Balibari (France) and DS Production (Mali).
  • Tvaïan – Directed by Nastassja Martin and Mike Magidson. Produced by Point du Jour (France).

110 projects from 57 countries (production and co-production) answered to the open call. The selection took in consideration not only the quality of the proposals in terms of story, narration and production, but also the urgency of the topics and the potential for impact campaigns.

We are proud of the diversity that the final projects and their filmmakers and producers represent. The 25 selected projects come from 22 countries (considering production and co-production territories) from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. 52% have female directors. The topics cover a wide range of the most urgent issues of our times : from gender equality, to peace and social justice, from climate action to LGBTI rights, from quality education to youth activism, just to mention a few.

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