Where to see the films of the 2023 FIFDH?

Many films from the FIFDH 21st edition are available in the movie theaters and online. Overview.

Fictions - Competition

La hija de todas las rabias Laura Baumeister

Maria and her mother Lilibeth live on the edge of Nicaragua's largest rubbish dumpsite. In a delicate exploration of the precious mother-daughter bond, the director creates a powerful parable that skillfully blends ecological issues with the exploitation of minors.

In theaters on June 7th!

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Foudre Carmen Jaquier

Switzerland, at the beginning of the last century: the young Elisabeth must suddenly leave the convent and return to her family. The mysterious death of her older sister pushes her to defy social norms and explore the paths to emancipation.

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Focus - Competition

Pegasus, un espion dans votre poche Anne Poiret

July 2021, the scandal of the Israeli surveillance software Pegasus breaks. Interviewing the different actors, the film retraces the months leading up to the revelation and points out the authoritarian excesses of the States as well as the violations and repercussions on the privacy of individuals.

A film to be discovered for free on arte.tv until 18 November!

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Documentaries - Out of competition

Sur l’Adamant Nicolas Philibert

The Adamant is a unique day centre: it is a floating building. Built on the Seine, it welcomes adults suffering from psychological disorders and offers them a care setting that structures them in time and space, helping them to reconnect with the world.

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