“Empower the living”: conversation with Alain Damasio

The GAFAM have trapped us in a "techno-cocoon" where the emancipatory power of the imagination is diminished. As cyber surveillance hunts us down everywhere and as democracies weaken in the face of predatory liberalism, reinventing our modes of struggle is an urgent necessity.


Author of a fascinating body of work, the father of the novel Les Furtifs, published in 2019, sees himself as the creator of “future" worlds, as a keen observer of socio-political power dynamics. Social-minded and haunted by questions of co-existence, his science fiction exists to address immediate planetary issues that concern us all. A passionate discussion with an ultra cult writer on more desirable horizons than those promised by liberalism, and contemplation in his company of new and inspiring modes of struggle.

The conversation will be held in French only.


Alain Damasio

Alain Damasio, né Alain Raymond, est un écrivain de science-fiction français. Il commence par écrire de nombreuses nouvelles mêlant science-fiction, fantasy et dystopie politique. En 1999, dans son premier roman La Zone du dehors, il s'intéresse aux sociétés de contrôle sous le modèle démocratique. Alain Damasio est également connu pour ses romans La Horde du Contrevent et Les Furtifs. Particulièrement sensible à la musicalité de ses écrits et au langage du son, l'auteur participe fréquemment à des projets artistiques.

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Saturday 6 March - 20:00

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Co-presented with the Maison d’Ailleurs and the Numerik Games festival


David Brun-Lambert, Artistic deputy, FIFDH


Alain Damasio, Writer

Moderated by

Marc Atallah, Director of Maison d'Ailleurs, Senior Lecturer at the University of Lausanne



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