Education for all: why is it so hard ? and the FIFDH are embarking on a major investigation, beginning with a public debate, online, open to all.


The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the dysfunctions of the school system. The risk of dropping-out and inequality between pupils have exploded due to online classes and health restrictions. Yet experts point out that these inequalities existed prior to the pandemic and will likely endure afterwards. Even in a country as rich as Switzerland, access to the same quality education for all is therefore not guaranteed. Should we rethink the public school system? And elsewhere, in Europe, in the rest of world, what works – or doesn’t?

The debate will be held in French only.


Saturday 6 March - 16:00

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Co-presented with and Save the Children


Alain Moser, Director of the Moser School

Sylvain Rudaz, Director-General for Secondary Education II, Department of Public Education (DIP)

Héloïse Durler, Professor at the High School of Education of the Canton of Vaud, specialized in sociology of education

Two teachers

Two parents of pupils


Moderated by

Sophie Gaitzsch, Journalist at, specialized in questions of education

Serge Michel, Director of and deputy editor-in-chief of Le Temps



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