From Kinshasa to Geneva, Women* Conquer the Public Space

Great Journey

The beginning of a long traverse on the subject of women* in the public space: over the course of a year, we will follow this theme, echoing the major feminist events that punctuate the year by offering multimedia content. Our itinerary will culminate in 2022 during the twentieth edition of the festival with a fascinating review of the situation.

The conquest and requalification of the public space by women* and gender minorities have become pressing imperatives. The street, parks, urban or virtual agoras are places where both power and the democratic sharing of power are inscribed, places where women* want to take over in order to no longer be discredited. The public space is not only the place where equality is asserted, but also symbolically the antechamber of democratic institutions where women* must be equally represented.

What do the streets of Kinshasa and Geneva, Dakar and Lausanne have in common, and what do the activists who speak out there have in common? Women* are everywhere, pounding the pavement to make their demands loud and clear, but the sound of their footsteps resonates differently whether on the concrete pavements of Geneva or in the lively streets of African cities. We are building bridges to underline the kinship, nuances and differences that make sense. We want to bring together the "elsewhere" and the "here", to open a window on distant and international issues, but also to be anchored in the local fabric and to talk about what is happening at home.

The first stage of our journey passes through Dakar and Geneva, with a mural fresco created by three artists, one Senegalese and two Genevan women. We also stop off in Kampala, Uganda, to listen to Stella Nyanzi, an icon of feminist struggles who practices irreverence and rudeness as one would do in a martial art.