Selected projects to the 2022 Impact Days

Following the call for projects launched in October, we have received more than 110 documentary projects from around the world. With the help of our international selection committee, we have selected 16 among them whose directors come from 13 different countries as diverse and distant as India, New Zealand, Chile, Nepal, Iraq, Myanmar or Ukraine, to mention only a few.

The topics of these substantial documentary projects range from press freedom in India to forced displacement in Myanmar, from racial issues in Switzerland to Indigenous rights in Latin America, from war crimes in Nepal to democracy-building in Iraq.

Despite the diversity of the stories they tell, and the areas of the world they come from, all selected filmmakers have something in common: the strong will, through their films, to improve the situation their protagonists are facing.

Our programme is designed to support them in their ambition, providing them with the competencies, and the right platform, to make their films tools for social change.

The team's from the selected films will attend an online Impact Lab to develop their impact campaign. They will connect to strategic partners to put it effectively in place and possibly win a prize in cash that will be awarded to the best Impact project during the Impact Days in Geneva on 7-8 March 2022.


Selected projects for the Impact Days 2022


Directed by Nicolas van Hemelryck (Colombia), and Clare Weiskopf (Colombia)

Produced by Nicolas van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf (Casatarantula, Colombia), Alexandra Galvis (Pantalla Cines, Chile), and Radu Stancu (deFilm, Romania)

Teenage girls who live on the unforgiving streets of Bogota close their eyes and dream up Alis, a fictional classmate. Their soulful narrative reveals remarkable perseverance in breaking the cycle of violence and embracing a better future.


Baghdad On Fire

Directed by Karrar Al-Azzawi (Iraq)

Produced by Jørgen Lorentzen (Integral Film, Norway)

With unique access to Noor and her friends, we join young Iraqi women and men who, side by side, are fighting the regime and the militias.  As she takes part in the most significant youth movement in Iraq, Noor’s life changes dramatically.


Bayo Bayo Baby

Directed by Raul de la Fuente and Amaia Remirez (Spain)

Produced by Amaia Remirez (Kanaki Films, Spain), and Dominique Barneaud (Bellota Films, France)

A young woman has made a life for herself starting a Surf School on the coast, but she can’t forget her girl band struggling in the mean streets of Freetown. She risks everything going back under the dangerous neon lights to find them: these streets kids will reign over the ocean.


Becoming A Black Woman

Directed by Rachel M'Bon (Switzerland) and Juliana Fanjul (Mexico)

Produced by Palmyre Badinier (Akka Films, Switzerland)

In Switzerland, a land of consensus and neutrality, the singular voice of women fight for the recognition of structural racism, deconstruct stereotypes and claim their dual Swiss and black identity. 



Directed by Subina Shrestha (Nepal)

Produced by Rosie Garthwaite (Mediadante, UK)

Devi, a former guerilla fighter who survived wartime rape, decides to fight for justice. Nepal's leaders want to keep the truth about how sex abuse was used as a weapon of war buried, but Devi will do whatever it takes to tell the story.


Do You Remember Me?

Directed by Désirée Pomper and Helena Müller (Switzerland)

Produced by Désirée Pomper (20 minutes, Switzerland)

Sara (28) was only 7 when she was circumcised in Harar, Ethiopia. After settling in Switzerland, she decides to seek her circumciser to process her trauma and become an activist against FGM.


From Cold War To Green War

Directed by Anna Recalde Miranda (Italy)

Produced by Hernan Mazzeo (Lardux Films, France), Ilaria Malagutti (Mammut Film, Italy) and Sergio Ayala (Sisyfos Film Production, Sweden)

Since 2002, around 2000 environmentalists have been murdered worldwide. Of those, 70% happened in Latin America, an Eldorado of natural resources. What connections exist between these deaths and Latin America's political past?


High Tide Don't Hide

Directed and produced by Niva Kay, Emily McDowell, Nia Phipps and Phil Stebbing (The Rebel Film Collective, New Zealand)

Striking teenagers discover that activism, authority, and awareness make for a steep learning curve in the race for existence.



Home Is Somewhere Else

Directed by Carlos Hagerman Ruiz Galindo and Jorge Villalobos de la Torre (Mexico)

Produced by Carlos Hagerman (Brinca Animation Studio, Mexico)

A fully animated 2D feature documentary that provides a window into the hearts and minds of ​​immigrant youth and their undocumented families, amplifying the voice of a growing community still widely unrepresented in mainstream media.



Directed by Hnin Ei Hlaing (Myanmar)

Produced by Hnin Ei Hlaing (Snow Films, Myanmar), Ulla Lehmann (AMA Film, Germany) and Mila Aung-Thwin (EyeSteelFilm, Canada)

Two midwives, one Buddhist and one Muslim defy strict ethnic divisions to work side by side in a makeshift clinic in western Myanmar, providing medical services to the Rohingya of Rakhine State. Over five years, we witness their struggles, hopes and dreams amidst an environment of ever-increasing chaos and violence.


Peace For Nina

Directed by Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych (Ukraine)

Produced by Lyuba Knorozok (Ukraine) and Dea Gjinovci (Switzerland)

In a country at war, a Ukrainian mother channels her grief into action as she seeks justice for her son’s murder in captivity. Will Nina succeed in breaking the cycle of violence plaguing her family and finally finding peace?


Pure Unkown

Directed by Valentina Cicogna and Mattia Colombo (Italy)

Produced by Sebastiano Luca Insinga (Jump Cut, Italy), Mario Adamson (Sisyfos Film, Sweden) and Nicola Bernasconi (Amka Films, Switzerland)

A person who dies without a name is like a story without an ending.


The Half Truths

Directed by Hemal Trivedi (India)

Produced by Cynthia Kane (Manjusha Films, USA) and Amelia Hanibelsz (USA)

An Indian tribal schoolteacher is unexpectedly caught in the crossfire between a mining company and indigenous rebel forces.  She is arrested, imprisoned, tortured and raped. She peacefully unites 100,000 tribes against the government.


Tigre Gente

Directed by Elizabeth Unger (USA)

Produced by Elizabeth Unger (Wanderlust Productions, USA), and Joanna Natasegara (UK)

A Bolivian park ranger and a young Hong Kongese journalist risk their lives to go undercover and investigate a new, deadly jaguar trade that’s sweeping South America.


We Are Berta

Directed and produced by Erika Gonzalez Ramirez (Colombia) and Matthieu Lietaert (Belgium)

Produced by Not so crazy! Productions (Belgium)

To face some of the largest transnational corporations in Latin America, three women land defenders are adapting 500 years of colonial resistance to today’s global reality. How to hunt down corporations, wherever they hide?


Writing With Fire

Directed by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh (India)

Produced by Sushmit Ghosh (Black Ticket Film, India)

Armed with smartphones, Chief Reporter Meera leads India's only newspaper run by Dalit women. Together they break traditions, be it on the frontlines of India's most significant issues or within their homes, redefining what it means to be powerful.

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