Ticketing information

Opening of the ticket office for the FIFDH 2020 on Tuesday 18 February.


Festival Pass

Normal fare : 100 CHF
Reduced* and youth** fare: 80 CHF
20 ans/20 francs fare : 80 CHF

The pass allows you to attend all regular screenings, upon booking. The pass is nominative and non-transferable. Only one entry per screening is allowed. You can attend up to 4 screenings per day, upon availability. 

5 Tickets Card

Single fare: 60 CHF

The 5 tickets card is non-nominative and can be used by several persons. You can book multiple entries for one screening. It provides access to all the regular screenings and events.

Single ticket

Full fare: 15 CHF
Reduced* and youth** fare: 10 CHF
20 ans/20 francs fare: 8 CHF


Full fare: 18 CHF
Reduced* and youth** fare: 12 CHF
20 ans/20 francs fare: 10 CHF

Reduced rate: AVS, Unemployed, AI, Friends of the Festival,  asylum seekers, Fonction:Cinéma members, AACDG  members
Youth rate: Students, apprentices, under 20 years old AVS,
20 ans/20 francs rate: owner of the 20 ans/20 francs card. 20 ans/20 francs rates are subsidized by the City of Geneva, the Inter-municipal Fund of the Geneva municipalities and Geneva Canton.

Terms and conditions

How do online purchased tickets, 5 tickets cards and passes work ?


After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your e-ticket, 5 tickets card or pass. If you haven't received your confirmation email, check your spambox.

Single tickets give direct access to a session. IMPORTANT: Holders of 5 tickets card and pass must book their screenings beforehand. Bookings can be made on our website using the ticket number and code on the card or pass. It is also possible to book at the ticket offices and booking terminals.

Without a reservation, your 5 ticket card or pass does not guarantee your entry to the room for the desired screening: availability depends on the number of people attending.

Print your e-ticket (single ticket, 5 tickets card) or present it on your smartphone at the entrance of the screening.