17 mars 2019

Forum • The New Wretched of the Earth : Discussion with Édouard Louis on Who Killed My Father?

Forum • Guatemala: For Memory, Against Impunity

A Conversation with Amos Gitaï • A Tramway in Jerusalem

Concert • Kala Jula (Presented by Doctors Without Borders)

Around Still Recording • Syria, images to remember

Around The Sentence • In Switzerland, can a criminal’s relatives be punished?


Fiction • La preuve scientifique de l'existence de Dieu (MQEV)

Event • Music, coffee ceremonie, games (MQEV)

Event • Feedback on the 2019 edition of the FIFDH: the Floor is Yours!

16 mars 2019

Closing Ceremonie

Closing Cocktail

Forum • Migrations: When Solidarity Is Criminalized

Documentary Event • World premiere of XIMEI - In the presence of Ai Weiwei

Documentary Event • Special screening: The Edge of Democracy

Fiction • La preuve scientifique de l'existence de Dieu (Bains des Pâquis)

Forum •  Cultural Heritage: Victims of War

 Visit • An urban fallow and the Jardin collectif des Moraines

Documentary • Après demain (espace Grosselin)

Documentary • On Her shoulders (St-Genis-Pouilly)

15 mars 2019

Documentary • Congo Lucha (Anières)

Forum • Who is still talking about the Palestinians?

Forum • A Conversation with Roberto Saviano

Forum • Ebola Outbreaks: The Viruses of Global Health Governance(HEID)

Documentary • Ghost  fleet

Fiction • Los Silencios

Schools • Futur d'espoir

14 mars 2019

Forum • For the People, Against Populism

Documentary • All the dictator's men

Forum • DRC: Will Change Come From The Youth?

Conversation with Hussain Currimbhoy

Documentary • A Northern Soul (Vernier)

A Conversation with Laurent Gaudé

Meet Dick Marty • a Cry for Justice

Fiction • La preuve scientifique de l'existence de Dieu (Lancy)

Industry Program • Impact Day

Vernissage • So.lil.o.quy

Around a Film • Uncommon Trials: The Trial of Ratko Mladić

Fiction • The Sweet requiem

13 mars 2019

Forum • Humans of The Future: Too Perfect?

Concert • Shahin Najafi: The Third Gender

Documentary • Zero Impunity

Documentary • Futur d'espoir (Aula des Coudriers)

Event • Haïti - En bas la ville

Documentary • A Northern Soul

Vernissage • Without Justice our Wounds Cannot be Healed

Shooting of the TV program Infrarouge

Documentary • On Her Shoulders (Satigny)

Documentary • On Her Shoulders (Bernex)

Documentary • Delphine et Carole, Insoumuses

12 mars 2019

Around a Film • Delphine & Carole: armed with a camera

Event • A Conversation with Rithy Panh

Fiction • The Boy who harnessed the wind

Forum • Building Iraq in A Post-ISIS Era

Fiction • The boy who harnessed the wind (CHC des Tattes)

Documentary • Un jour ça ira (COS)

Documentary • On Her Shoulders (Gaillard)

Documentary • TrustWho

School • Parfum d'Irak

Event • A Conversation with Leïla Slimani

School • Opération papyrus

Event • Café des libertés

Documentary • For (CERN)

11 mars 2019

Forum • Thirty Years On: Let the Web Serve Humanity

Event • Hackathon for Human Rights

Around a Film • Opération Papyrus

Forum • The Best Men Can Be?

Documentary • Another day of life (Plan-Les-Ouates)

Event • Buffet and Film(Anières)

Documentary • Futur d'espoir

Documentary • Hamada

Fiction • House of my fathers

Fiction • Manta Ray

10 mars 2019

Forum • Is It the End of Human Rights' Universality?

Documentary • Ils n'ont pas choisi !

Discussion • A Tramway in Jerusalem

Event • Take Action Now: Ecological Transition and Human Rights

Fiction • Carmen & Lola

Forum • What's Left of Swiss Values?

Documentary • A Northern Soul

Vernissage • Ne mourrons pas fatigués (Meyrin)

9 mars 2019

Forum • Turning the Right to Adequate Housing into a Reality

A Conversation with Bruno Boudjelal

Forum • Women Journalists: Prime Targets of Cyberbullying?

Forum • South Sudan: World’s Youngest Nation at the Crossroads to Peace

Documentary • Léa Tsémel, avocate

Concert • Paul Grant (Presinge)

Event • Empreintes négatives

Vernissage • Etre et avoir

Event • Filmmakers at risk

Fiction • Manta Ray

Fiction • Insoumises

8 mars 2019

Documentary • In Search

Opening Night

Opening Cocktail

Forum • On their Shoulders: The Life of Women Defending Human Rights

Pat Mitchell in conversation with Giving Women • Women's power and Media

14 février 2019

Press Conference


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