Exhibitions 2020

At the Festival's central venues and in Greater Geneva, numerous exhibitions will be held during the 17th edition of the FIFDH.


Itinéraires entrecoupés - Les visages de l'aide sociale |By Ghislaine Heger

In partnership with the Haute école de travail social de Genève (HETS-Genève)

They are 19, 36, 51, 63 years old... Each has their own story: a layoff, a medical accident, a divorce, a rough childhood.
At some point, each of them asked for help from the welfare system. Popular belief paints them as mere idlers and profiteers. But what do we truly know about it? Who are these people and what happened to them? As a matter of fact, such mishaps can happen to any of us very quickly: nobody is safe from losing everything anymore, even in Switzerland.

Together with this exhibition, the "Ateliers du sensible» and the students from the School of Social Work Geneva / Haute école de travail social de Genève will present short films made during an introductory module to the filmed portrait, each depicting a beneficiary of a social institution.



LaToya Ruby Frazier

LaToya Ruby Frazier made her name with The Notion of Family, a series built around three generations of women - her grandmother, her mother and herself - and testifying to the decay of her hometown, Braddock, the former steel capital of the suburbs of Pittsburgh, which had become a ghost town. From individual experiences, the African-American artist brings out a collective story. On the Making of Steel Genesis: Sandra Gould Ford and Et des terrils un arbre s’élèvera, will also be exhibited.

12 February to 11 March, Centre de la Photographie Genève

Joe Sacco x ESBDI

As part of a 3-day workshop at the Geneva Graduate School of Comics and Illustration (ESBDI), Joe Sacco presented his work as a comic book journalist to students before accompanying them to a refugee centre to interview migrants using his method. Back at the workshop, they designed a comic strip with the stories of these refugees. The original comic strips will be shown at the CFP Arts showroom.

12 - 13 March 2020, CFP Arts Exhibit Hall

Voyage vers l’espoir

In partnership with the Grand Théâtre de Genève and the ESBDI

In 1990, Xavier Koller directed the movie Journey of Hope, the story of a Kurdish family that abandons its roots for paradise: Switzerland. As a world premiere, The Geneva Grand Theatre has adapted the film as an opera and asked the students of the Geneva Graduate School of Comics and Illustration (ESBDI) to create a digital comic strip in the form of a clickable map representing the journey of a migrant. A contemporary comic strip to illustrate a contemporary opera on a hot topic.

6 - 15 March 2020, Maison des Arts du Grütli, Couloir Hornung

Lettres ouvertes de Katharine Dominicé

From 1931 to 2002, Switzerland issued some six million seasonal residence permits ("Permit A") to foreign migrant workers. This status imposed inhuman living and working conditions on them. They could not bring their families with them and their stay in the country was limited to nine months per year. In a series of poignant open letters, former seasonal workers and their descendants share their first experiences of life in Geneva and the impact of their status in Switzerland on their family histories.


Les Murs du lendemain de Ernest Pignon-Ernest

An exhibition will present the works produced during the residency, as well as other works by the artist. The screening of a documentary will also be an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the artist's career and works.

7 - 29 March, Le Cairn - Espace culturel
Vernissage on Wednesday 11 March at 5 pm, in the presence of the artists

Maintenir la flamme du 14 juin

Exhibition in the context of the Gender Equality Week 2020 of the City of Geneva.

On 14 June 2019, hundreds of thousands of people marched on the streets of Switzerland demanding real equality between men and women. The Collectif Pour la Grève féministe 2019 Genève has collected some of the most emblematic memories of this historic day and invites you to dive into them.

28 February - 8 MarchBibliothèque de la Cité, Salle Le Multi

60 ans seulement ! L’histoire du suffrage féminin genevois en affiches

Exhibition in partnership with the City of Geneva, organised within the Gender Equality Week 2020 of the City of Geneva, in partnership with the Bureau de promotion de l'égalité et de prévention des violences (BPEV) of the Canton of Geneva.

In 1960 Geneva became the third Swiss canton to introduce women’s right to vote after several attempts. This exhibition invites you to (re)discover the history of this struggle through the posters of the various voting campaigns, where arguments, opinions and claims of supporters as well as detractors are opposed. They also reflect the various stereotypes and representations of women’s role in society at a time... not so long ago.

28 February - 28 March, vernissage on 28 February, 12:15 pm, Parc des Bastions

Géographies perdues de François Burland

In partnership with the Commune of Meyrin

For this large-scale work of art, Swiss visual artist François Burland set up residence at the Cairn in Meyrin with a group of five unaccompanied migrants under the age of 18, arrived in Switzerland just a few months prior. This engraved map evokes their respective journeys to a land of refuge for which they crossed deserts, seas, steppes, cities to reach… As we follow the trace of their escapes, paths of exile appear, dotted with markers of their histories.


Villes temporaires
Visual Arts

Following her Chroniques d’Alep, Syrian artist Mouna Ikhlassy creates cartographies of an “other place”: aerial views of hostile places, which depict a grid of masses. Perfectly aligned rows of tents form these areas, which first appear temporary but are slowly becoming permanent, all the while systematizing the wait. Her compulsive writing reveals shelters in a haunting space and uncovers a vertiginous reality.

29 February - 30 March 2020, Galerie LIGNE treize

Beyrouth : entre solidarité et engagement citoyen, parcours de réfugié·es syrien·nes

In partnership with la Haute école de travail social de Genève (HETS-Genève).

Three students from the HETS will share their experience of welcoming Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Based on images and testimonies, the exhibition depicts the associative network and the daily life of social workers. The children are also given a voice through the drawings they have produced. To complement this exhibition, the HETS will organize a discussion on the topic Giving voice through images – intersecting views on two experiences of mediation with migrant children and young people, which will bring together students and researchers from HETS who have just finished an analysis on the needs of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in Geneva.

7 - 22 March 2020, La Galerie
Discussion on Monday 9 March, 6 pm in room A006 of HETS-Genève

Another View on Migration
Virtual reality

Proposed by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Millions of people around the world are on the move. For a variety of reasons, these individuals are forced to flee their homes and are uprooted. The places they arrive at, be they the final destination or a stage along the way, are sites where privacy, comfort and personal well-being are often non- existent.

It is an immersion in the daily life of these displaced persons that will be offered to you through virtual reality goggles. An experience at the heart of many of Médecins Sans Frontières' (MSF) activities through different migratory contexts; from the Mediterranean Sea to South Sudan, or from the Central African Republic to the Balkans


You Are Welcome In : The Inclusive City Project

In partnership with Happy City Lab

This is a global movement - powered by you - to counter exclusion. Posters are popping up around the world broadcasting this message: Whatever your origin, race, religion, age, ability, gender identity or sexual orientation, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. Download yours on TheInclusiveCityProject.org and put it in your streets, schools, offices and shopfronts!