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The FIFDH is a (non-profit) foundation that organises the Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (hereinafter "FIFDH", "the Festival" or "the organiser").

The FIFDH is one of the leading events dedicated to film and human rights. For 20 years, it has been held annually in March in the heart of Geneva, the international capital of human rights, in parallel with the main session of the UN Human Rights Council.

These terms and conditions apply to the exclusion of all others. They are accessible at all times on the FIFDH website, and will prevail, if necessary, over any other version or any other contradictory document.

It is specified that under the terms of these general conditions, the term "ticket" applies to all forms of access (ticket, pass, accreditation and invitation).

With regard to the use of your personal data, please refer to the privacy policy available at

1. Ticketing

Article 1 - Contractual relations

1.1 The present general conditions, which the FIFDH reserves the right to modify at any time, apply, without restriction or reservation, to ticket sales for the Festival in general, to the conditions of access and to any use of the services offered by the FIFDH, in particular through its website, for the secure purchase of tickets online, and the Festival's on-site ticket office.

1.2 Any person who purchases a ticket for the FIFDH (hereinafter "the spectator" or "the buyer") confirms that he/she has read and accepted the present general terms and conditions. The confirmation of the order by the spectator constitutes the conclusion of the final contract.

1.3 The spectator accepts the safety regulations and additional regulations for access to the venues or any other place of performance.

1.4 The spectator is aware that if these general conditions are not respected, he/she will be refused access to the rooms without compensation. Additional regulations will be published on the FIFDH website, directly on the entrance tickets or in the different venues of the Festival.

1.5 Ticketack's (hereinafter, "the supplier") responsibility towards the buyer is limited exclusively to the role of service provider. The supplier cannot be held responsible for any changes decided by the organiser. The contract for the purchase of a ticket is concluded exclusively between the buyer and the organiser on the basis of these general terms and conditions.

Article 2 - Purchase of a ticket

2.1 Ticket prices - electronic or displayed at the point of sale - are quoted in CHF.

2.2 All orders made through the organiser's website are payable exclusively via the internet.

2.3 All orders made from the organiser's in person ticket office are payable in cash (Swiss Francs only) or by credit card.

2.4 In the event of loss, theft of the ticket or cancellation of the event, no refund can be requested, except under the additional conditions of the organiser (see Art. 5). The buyer is solely responsible for his/her ticket.

2.5 The organiser reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but the services invoiced will be based on the rates in force at the time of the order and the buyer will be informed of these before the confirmation and conclusion of the final contract.

Article 3 - Payment by internet

3.1 - Payment methods are limited to the following payments via Proxyav: Visa, Mastercard, PostFinance Card, PostFinance eFinance, Diners Club, JCB, TWINT.

3.2 - The supplier has entrusted its online payment system to a service provider specialising in the secure processing of online payments. This service provider guarantees the full confidentiality of the customer's banking information, secured by means of the SSL protocol which systematically checks the validity of access rights when the customer pays by bank card and encrypts all exchanges in order to guarantee confidentiality.

Article 4 - Order confirmation

4.1 By ticking the box "I accept the general conditions of sale and the data protection policy" when choosing the method of payment, the buyer accepts the present conditions without reservation. The data recorded by the ticket office are considered as proof of all the transactions made.

4.2 The order is definitively registered when the buyer has accepted the present conditions, validated his/her payment and received a confirmation by e-mail from the organiser. This e-mail does not constitute a ticket. The organiser cannot be held responsible if the e-mail address provided contains errors.

4.3 If the payment centre rejects the payment, the booking and purchase transaction is automatically cancelled.

4.4 All reservations and purchases are final and binding: no cancellation or modification will be possible once payment has been confirmed.

Article 5 - Ticket inspection and protection against fraud

5.1 The presentation of the ticket to the Festival reception staff is mandatory. If the ticket is forgotten, lost or stolen, access to the event will depend on the availability of seats in the hall. It will not be possible to print your reservation on site. Entry to the event is subject to a check of the validity of a ticket via a QR code.

5.2 The organizer guarantees the reservation, upon presentation of the ticket to the reception staff, up to ten minutes before the time of the event. After this time, the spectator will lose the guaranteed reservation. Access to the event will then depend on the availability of seats in the hall.

5.3 The e-ticket can be downloaded to a portable electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) by the spectator in the case of an online purchase. The ticket must be presented at the entrance to the venue with a powered-up portable electronic device.

5.4 In the case of paper printing, the e-ticket is only valid if it is downloaded and printed on white A4 paper. Good print quality is required. For ecological reasons, we recommend limiting the use of paper printouts.

5.5 The purchaser of a Reduced Fare, Youth Fare, or 20 years old 20 francs ticket must be able to prove his/her status at all times. If this is not the case, the purchaser will be asked to pay an additional amount for the Full Price.

5.6 Any trading of tickets purchased for commercial purposes is prohibited. It may result in the loss of ticket rights and services, claims for damages and the return of profits. Purchasers who violate this clause may be permanently banned from purchasing tickets.

5.7 Copying, reselling, altering or falsifying tickets is prohibited.

5.8 The organiser may stop the sale of tickets at any time without providing a justification.

Article 6 - Cancellation, rescheduling and refund

6.1 Refunds, exchanges and returns of FIFDH tickets are in principle excluded, except in the case of cancellation of an event.

6.2 In the event that the event is cancelled by the organiser, the tickets will be reimbursed by the FIFDH. Any additional costs paid by a third party to travel to the Festival will not be refunded.

6.3 In the event that the FIFDH cannot fulfil all or part of its obligations to a third party due to extraordinary circumstances - i.e. any exceptional event beyond the reasonable control of the organiser, such as war, civil war, strikes, shortages of raw materials, terrorism, unavailability of essential equipment, severe damage or destruction of infrastructure by fire, earthquake, severe storm, hail, storm or hurricane, epidemics, pandemics, endemic crisis, government restrictions and/or bans and failure of public services or public transport, this undertaking will be cancelled and neither party will be entitled to claim compensation.

6.4 In the event of rescheduling of the event, the tickets will remain valid.

Article 7 - Sound and image recording

7.1 The recording of sound and/or images during events organised within the framework of the FIFDH is authorised for private purposes only. No commercial use may be made of these recordings, unless explicitly authorised by the organiser.

7.2 The screenings, meetings, events and spaces within the FIFDH are likely to be filmed or photographed by the organiser or authorised media - from the stage, in the hall and in the various venues of the Festival. Any person who enters the FIFDH site in its entirety expressly consents to the free and unconditional use of his/her image and voice for any and all uses that may ensue in current and future media.

Article 8 - Additional information and payment

8.1 As a general rule, we strongly advise the buyer to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the event.

8.2 During the event, the spectator undertakes to respect the rules of good conduct, health and safety, set by the organiser. He/she undertakes to follow the instructions of the organiser and its staff (including security personnel, police and firemen). Furthermore, the acquisition of an e-ticket implies adherence to the internal regulations of the event venue, as well as to the Festival's ethical and inclusion charter.

8.3 The buyer acknowledges that he/she may be escorted from the event without compensation if he/she fails to comply with the provisions of these general conditions. Depending on the circumstances and at the sole discretion of the FIFDH, a definitive ban on entry may be ordered, without compensation. All rights to damages are reserved by the Festival.

8.4 In the context of all the organiser's activities and in the event of inappropriate behaviour on the part of a spectator, the organiser reserves the right to take whatever action it deems appropriate.

8.5 Any other specific information relating to access to the screenings (mainly in the event of cancellation) may be sent to the buyer by means of the e-mail address provided on the booking form.

Article 9 - Property rights

9.1 The entire content of the FIFDH website is protected by the applicable intellectual property rights (copyright, etc.). 

9.2 Any unauthorised reproduction or distribution of all or part of the elements and information on this site is prohibited.

Article 10 - Applicable law

This contract is exclusively subject to Swiss law. The competent jurisdiction will be determined with regard to the domicile of the FIFDH.

This document is dated 08.02.2023

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