Comme un écho

A radio programme from Geneva's municipalities. Listen to it every day between the 7 and 14 March, at 16:30 on and

In normal times, Geneva's towns and municipalities would have hosted the FIFDH with free public screenings, followed by live discussions. This year, we will offer "home screenings" on the festival's VOD platform.

To this, we have added a new project: a daily radio programme, in partnership with Radio Vostok and HEAD.

How does a film resonate in and of itself? How does a story echo with ideas, experiences, dreams, concerns or local commitments?

The programme, named "Comme un écho", will meet with and give voice to local residents to find out what the films elicit within them, and how. In each broadcast, a selection of reactions will precede in-situ encounters with local actors of the municipality.