Where to see the films of the 2020 FIFDH?

Watch several FIFDH movies from home, and perhaps soon in cinemas. This page is regularly updated.

On RTS channels

The RTS offers you films from the FIFDH selection in streaming (films in French).


Grand reportage
Délit de solidarité

by Pietro Boschetti & Frank Preiswerk

An investigation that is both implacable and shocking on the very contemporary notion of the "crime of solidarity", in particular by giving the floor to Swiss people who gave assistance. To be seen as part of Temps Présent and with the title Assistance à personne en danger : un crime.

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On ARTE channels

Thematic film
Sudan: Women on the Front Line

by Sara Creta & Mehdi Meddeb

A few weeks after the fall of Omar al-Bachir, thousands of Sudanese gathered daily in front of the army headquarters to demand the establishment of a civil government, before being brutally dislodged by the military.

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In streaming

Several FIFDH films are to be discovered in streaming.


Creative documentary
Midnight Family

by Luke Lorentzen

When the State no longer fulfils its duty, someone has to cover its shift. In Mexico City, where there are only nine official ambulances, the Ochoa family roams the city's streets every night, listening to police radio signals to pick up the injured in their makeshift ambulance.

Available in VOD (CHF 10)

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Thematic film
Without A Net: The Digital Divide in America

by Rory Kennedy

At a time when American students from economically deprived schools are often ill-prepared for the global, digital economy, Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America, explores how technology can provide opportunities for learning and can help level the playing field.

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Thematic film
Courage - Journalism is Not a Crime

by Tom Heinemann

They are devoted to journalism but are under immense pressure by governments, companies and criminals. They have one thing in common: Courage – because Journalism is not a crime.

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Coming soon in cinemas

Several films from the FIFDH's 2020 selection will be released in cinemas in French-speaking Switzerland. Given the current situation, the following information is indicative. The FIFDH will inform you of the exact dates as soon as new information becomes available.


Grand reportage
Under the Skin

by Robin Harsch

If one day your child were to tell you that he or she wants to change sex, would you still love him or her as much as you did before? This intimate film tells the story of the quest for identity and the family upheaval experienced by three teenagers in transition.

Originally scheduled for release in March


Thematic film
by Géraldine André & Stéphane Santini

Very few humanitarian workers venture into the more intimate terrain. Forty men and women working in the field and their loved ones have accepted to speak.

Initially scheduled for release on May 13


Creative documentary
Radio Silence

by Juliana Fanjul

Carmen Aristegui is one of the few voices in Mexico to speak freely on the airwaves to millions of listeners. In 2015, she was sharply dismissed after revealing a corruption scandal.

Initially scheduled for release on May 27


Our Mothers

by César Díaz

As Guatemala lives through the transitional justice trials, Ernesto, a young forensic anthropologist, believes he has found the trail of his father who disappeared during the war and whom he has never known. He plunges headlong in search of the truth.

Originally scheduled for release on 15 April


Yalda, a Night for forgiveness

by Massoud Bakhshi

Forgiveness proves hard to come by once the truth about the past resurfaces... A rare and unusual Iranian film, which skillfully portrays showbiz society.

Initially scheduled for release on May 13



by Pema Tseden

In the Tibetan pastures, Darje and Drolkar lead a serene and ordinary life with their three sons. An oblong balloon triggers a series of embarrassments and dilemmas that break the harmony within their community.

Expected to be released in the summer of 2020


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